Microsoft Reveals Surface Go 3 and Ocean Plastic Mouse

More details to come

Microsoft has revealed the Surface Go 3, along with a new mouse made partially from recycled ocean plastics.

Details are a little sparse at the moment but Microsoft has indeed officially revealed its latest Go tablet in the Surface Go 3. That, and its new Ocean Plastic Mouse which is made from 20% plastics pulled from the ocean.

Surface Go 3


The Surface Go 3 makes use of a 10th generation Intel processor, which Microsoft says makes the tablet about 60% faster than previous models. If nothing else, it's definitely a step up from the Surface Go 2's 8th generation processor.

As far as the display goes, there doesn't seem to have been any change as the Go 3 retains the 10.5-inch measurements of the Go 2. It also utilizes Dolby Audio, just like the Go 2.

The new Microsoft Ocean Plastic Mouse is a bit more of an enigma, performance-wise. The mouse itself is made from recycled ocean plastics, and the box is meant to be 100% recyclable, but no information on the mouse's performance was offered up.

Microsoft Ocean Plastic Mouse


Presumably, it's on par with any other Microsoft mouse—nothing groundbreaking but perfectly serviceable. Though it seems to be a bit better for the environment, the mouse itself can be sent back to Microsoft to be recycled when you're done with it.

As of now, pricing information has not been revealed for either the Surface Go 3 or the Ocean Plastic Mouse, but both will be available on October 5.

The Go 3 will likely cost a little bit more than $399 of the Go 2 because of the processor improvements, but we won't know for sure until more details are given.

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