Microsoft Releases Fix for Blurry Weather Widget

Microsoft issued a fix that should make it clearer

Microsoft reportedly has issued a fix for the blurry weather widget introduced in the latest Windows 10 update.

In the latest major update to Windows 10, Microsoft introduced a News and Interests widget to the taskbar. Unfortunately, some users quickly noticed that the weather portion of the widget appeared to be blurry, with some even taking to Twitter to mention it.

A laptop running Windows 10

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Now, though, XDA reports that Microsoft has issued a fix for the blurry widget in a new Windows 10 update.

Microsoft noted the blur issue shortly after the update went live to mainstream users of its Windows 10 operating system, adding it to the known issues for Windows 10, version 21H1.

Now, users suffering from the blurry widget can download an optional update called Windows 10 build 19043.1081. The build is designed to resolve the issue and remove the blurriness that can be seen by many users who are running the taskbar widget.

According to XDA, the blurriness in the widget was originally reported during testing of the update by Windows 10 Insiders, so it is unclear why Microsoft shipped the main update without addressing it.

Either way, the problem should be fixed now, so long as users download the optional update. Alternatively, you can also disable parts of the widget—or the entire thing altogether—if you’d prefer not to deal with the added clutter on your taskbar.

In early June, users also reported multiple problems with the latest update, noting that their taskbar and tray icons would vanish or become corrupted. Much like the blurry widget, these issues originally had been found during Windows Insider testing.

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