Microsoft PowerToys Gets New Updates as Part of Windows 11

Further customize your Windows 11 experience

As part of the new Windows 11 operating system, Microsoft's customization system, PowerToys, just got a significant update. 

According to a Thursday post on GitHub, the PowerToys release for the new 0.49 version is now available. The updates add the ability to find your mouse with a double press on the left control key, and an easy video conference mute shortcut.

Find My Mouse PowerToy feature

The Find Your Mouse feature dims your screen to highlight where your cursor currently is, which could be more useful on a larger screen setup rather than, say, a laptop. GitHub detailed that additional enhancements and features would be added to Find Your Mouse in future releases.

In addition, the new Video Conference Mute lets you turn off your microphone and camera at the same time using the Windows + N keyboard shortcut. The feature works while you're on a conference call, regardless of the application that currently has your screen's focus. 

Other updates to PowerToys features include an interface update for the PowerRename feature, which allows for the bulk renaming of files. The update in 0.49 is a complete redesign, along with new tips to describe common expressions and text/file formatting within the feature.

The new PowerToys interface takes its visual cues from Windows 11, with a more modern look and feel and a streamlined design.

Microsoft introduced PowerToys in Windows 95 and the program has been available for every major Windows release since. Some of the current PowerToys features include picking unique colors, creating complex window layouts, a keyboard customizer, and more. 

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