Free Microsoft PowerPoint Templates to Use for School

Teachers and students can download free PowerPoint templates

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Microsoft PowerPoint software presentations speed learning in the classroom. Teachers can download free professionally designed PowerPoint templates to create quizzes and teach math, science, history and other subjects. PowerPoint templates are handy for preparing presentations for back to school, orientation or graduation. Students use templates to give class presentations or prepare projects. Many free education templates are available online for students of all ages and their teachers. Check the sites in this list to find just the right template.

Microsoft: Academic Presentation Templates

Microsoft academic templates


These Microsoft Education PowerPoint templates cover lots of school subjects including art, environmental studies, science, and math. There are quite a few templates for Earth Day. General presentation templates with an educational tilt are also available. Templates include:

  • Elementary school templates
  • Caribbean American Heritage and Jewish Heritage Month templates
  • Women's History Month templates
  • A series of Mouse Mischief templates for interactive grammar lessons, math, health, astronomy, and biology

Brainy Betty: College PowerPoint Templates

screenshot of College PowerPoint Templates from Brainy Betty

 Brainy Betty

These Brainy Betty PowerPoint templates are aimed at teachers and students at the college level, They cover subjects such as computer science, chemistry, accounting, and drama. Other templates cover engineering, drama, college orientation, mathematics, and radiology.

Brainy Betty: K-12 PowerPoint Templates

Screenshot of K-12 PowerPoint Templates from Brainy Betty

 Brainy Betty

Brainy Betty offers K-12 PowerPoint templates suitable for science, sports, math, history and other subjects. Some are aimed at young students and some for the older ones. The templates have themes that include:

  • Solar system
  • Physical education
  • Biology
  • Pep rally
  • Aquarium
  • Balloons
  • Alligator Adventure
  • School bus
  • Back to school


Microsoft: Math Lesson Templates

Wendy Russell's PowerPoint Math Templates

Wendy Russel

This collection of Microsoft PowerPoint templates includes templates in a variety of colors to use while teaching multiplication tables, addition, and subtraction. Templates include:

  • Basic addition
  • Subtraction and simple shapes
  • Multiplication tables for two-times through 12-times tables

Lifewire.: Multiple Choice Quiz Templates

Wendy Russell's PowerPoint Quiz Templates
Wendy Russell's PowerPoint Quiz Templates.

Wendy Russell

Templates for an interactive PowerPoint presentation featuring multiple choice questions and answers are available to download on ThoughtCo. The link includes a template download and instructions on how to modify the templates.

Screenshot of free PPT templates

 Free PowerPoint offers PowerPoint templates that are suitable for kindergarten, grade school, high school and college. Professionally designed attractive templates are available for free download for PowerPoint 2007 and 2010. The themes include:

Screenshot of offers 20 free education PowerPoint templates aimed at a wide range of ages. Professional photography and graphic design make these templates stand out. Each of the templates can be customized to focus on a specific topic and speed up the learning process.

Smile Templates

Screenshot of Smile Templates

 Smile Templates

Smile Templates sells premium templates, but it also offers a selection of free education templates for limited uses. If you want to make changes to the templates, the company offers that service. The free templates cover grade school through high school.


Free PPT Backgrounds

screenshot of

Free PPT Backgrounds supplies a series of colorful education templates aimed and students K-12 and their teachers. Themes include:

  • Back to school
  • School days
  • Book pages
  • Colorful pencils
  • Blackboard
  • Educational supplies
  • School bus
  • Graduation