Microsoft Office Mobile App for Apple Devices

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Office Mobile for iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad, and iPad Mini has arrived and includes Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. It is also free to download!

Please keep in mind that versions of Microsoft Office can differ slightly depending on which device you are using it on, though you can coordinate and sync with a single Microsoft Account.

Compatibility — Apple/iOS Devices

While these apps were specifically built for iPhone 5, Office Mobile will run on the iOS 6.1 operating system or later, including iPod Touch (5th generation), iPad, and iPad Mini. That said, for iPad, you should check out Microsoft Office for iPad. Its full features are not available for free (you need to purchase an Microsoft 365 subscription plan), but it will offer you a more comprehensive experience.

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Quick Overview: User Interface and Experience

If you have used Microsoft Office for Windows Phone, you will likely experience a similar feel in the user interface and tools of Mobile Office for iOS, though not every feature available for Windows Phone will be offered through this app. It is a more streamlined version than your desktop Office experience, as well.

Where to Get Office Mobile for iOS

Ready to just get started? The Office Mobile for iOS suite is free from the Apple store. That said, you can get even more features with a subscription plan, as described below.

Try Mobile Office for iPhone With Microsoft 365 for Free

Microsoft 365 users have access to even more features within their mobile versions of Office.

You may be wondering how to try Mobile Office for iOS along with Microsoft 365 without committing to a plan. Luckily, a 30-day free Microsoft 365 trial will also allow you to test drive the Mobile Office app.

Device Limits and Microsoft 365 Subscriptions

Microsoft 365 subscribers have grown familiar with the device limits imposed under these new monthly or annual plans, which is five devices for most plans.

The good news is, Office Mobile for iOS app installations may not count against the limit of five devices for non-mobile versions of the suite. This means you may, for example, be able to have five iPhones or iPads outfitted with Office Mobile as well as five installations of Office on your non-mobile PCs or Macs.

Nearly all Microsoft 365 subscription plans will allow you to add on Office Mobile for iOS, but be sure to read all plan details before determining what is right for you, your household, or your organization.