Microsoft Office 2021 Launches on October 5

The same day as Windows 11

The new Microsoft Office 2021 will be available to purchase on October 5. 

The productivity suite’s availability falls on the same day as the official launch of Windows 11, according to Gizmodo. You’ll have to buy Office 2021 in a one-time purchase if you plan to use it in Windows 11.

Microsoft Office Programs

While Microsoft has not officially announced any Office 2021 features, the tech giant did give a glimpse of what users can expect in its Office LTSC, which is now available for commercial customers. These features include Dark Mode, new Excel formulas, improved in-app translations for Outlook, row search in Excel, and more. 

Support for Office 2021 will continue for the next five years until 2026, which Gizmodo notes is shorter than the usual seven-year support Microsoft has previously offered its Office customers. 

Microsoft Office includes a suite of programs, including Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, Publisher, and more. You can get these programs in Office or through a Microsoft 365 subscription, but the Office 2021 one-time purchase will be cheaper than a yearly subscription. 

Someone using Microsoft Word on a laptop computer.

Glenn Carstens-Peters / Unsplash

The highly anticipated release of Windows 11 will get much more than a new Office update. Users can expect an updated MS Paint and Photos app, a new Start menu, a widget taskbar, and changes in the overall user interface when the OS is released on October 5.

Other new features to expect once Windows 11 officially debuts are the ability to resize windows to take up either half of your screen (called Snap Layouts), the option to run Android apps natively on your Windows device, and the return of Widgets.

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