Microsoft Launches Interactive COVID-19 Tracker

Bing’s new map shows you where the Coronavirus is spreading across the globe

Why This Matters

If you didn’t understand the meaning of the word “pandemic” before, this startling visual guide puts it in perspective. It also gives you a sense of COVID-19 hotspots and where countries may be turning the tide on the outbreak.

Bing COVID-19 Tracker
Bing's COVID-19 Tracker.  Bing

Microsoft launched a new COVID-19 visual tracker on Sunday. It may be the first live map to offer real-time visual guidance on the deadly-disease’s global spread.

What is this? Bing, Microsoft’s competitor to Google search, has taken all the global reports of the novel Coronavirus spread and turned them into live visual information that paints a disturbing picture of the virus’ spread and impact. You can find it at

How does it work? The site shows infections, recoveries, and deaths for each country. You can zoom into local areas, including your own state, and select any of them for more local news about the outbreak.

When did it launch? Bing and Microsoft GM Michael Schechter announced the website on Twitter, saying “Lots of folks worked (from home) this past week to create a mapping and authoritative news resource for #COVID19 info.”

Tech is all in: Bing’s website launched less than a week after Microsoft joined other tech leaders at the White House to discuss how they could help in the fight and what they might do with the a trove of scholarly papers regarding COVID-19.

'Folks worked (from home) this past week to create a mapping and authoritative news resource for COVID-19 info.'

Why Not Google? The search giant is apparently working on more information sites (one that’s set to launch today), and a COVID-19 screening site that will start in California that may, eventually, open to other localities.

Bottom line: In the fight against the novel Coronavirus, information is power. Seeing the reality of the spread may spur more people to follow health official’s social distancing, stay at home, and even self-quarantining advice.

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