Microsoft Has Fixed Forza 5's Economy

The In-Game Economy Has Been Improved

Forza 5 GOTY box
Forza 5 GOTY box. Microsoft

When Forza 5 launched alongside the Xbox One back in November '13, we didn't exactly love it. There was no question that Forza 5 was the best game in the series yet out on the track, but things off the track like pitiful race payouts and constant pressure to buy car tokens with real money soured the experience quite a bit. Here we are five months later, however, and Microsoft and developer Turn 10 have gone above and beyond to address the complaints fans have had and the game is much better because of it.


Even better, Microsoft and Turn 10 really took this lesson to heart because neither Forza Horizon 2 nor Forza Motorsport 6 had these economy problems. See folks, these big heartless corporations do listen and can learn from their mistakes!

Economy Fixes

The in-game economy was mostly fixed back in December when car prices were slashed by 45% or more. This made the prices much more reasonable and much more in-line with the amount of credits you could actually earn by racing. The car token system was also tweaked where cars cost less tokens. We still don't like the idea of car tokens costing real world money being so integrated into the game, but at least you aren't quite as pressured to use them as you were at launch when all of the prices were screwy.

Free Play and DLC Fixes

The latest update for the game in late March makes a couple of other significant changes. First, all of the 200+ on-disc cars are now available in Free Play mode.

Previously you had to buy the cars in your career mode to use them in Free Play, so this is a big improvement. 

The second major change in the March update is that cars you buy as DLC will now automatically go to your garage so you won't have to pay additional in-game money to buy them. Again, this is a great change that just makes a lot of sense.


Bottom Line

With all of these changes, Forza 5 is a considerably better game than it was when it launched, and one we can easily recommend to fans of the series as well as gamers looking for a beautiful showcase game for their Xbox One.

Forza Rewards

One additional note I want to make about Forza is that fans of the game should really be using the Forza Rewards perks from The achievements you have earned in Forza 2Forza 3Forza 4Forza Horizon, and Forza 5 all add up to place you into a tier of rewards. The more achievements you have, the better rewards you can get. Each month rewards - usually in-game credits - are added that you can use in Forza 4, Forza Horizon, and Forza 5. Free in-game money is always good. You sign into the site with your Xbox Live account info (it is a Microsoft-run official Forza site, after all) and can start reaping the rewards almost immediately. There is no reason no to use Forza Rewards.