Microsoft Goes All-In on Tablets With Windows 11

Gestures and widgets play a bigger role

Microsoft unveiled Windows 11 on Thursday, showcasing a slew of new features designed to make using the operating system easier on tablet PCs.

Microsoft looks to be taking a heavy focus on the seamlessness of using Windows 11 on tablet PCs. Following the initial announcement for the OS on Thursday, the company took some time to talk in-depth about the new features it has planned for Windows 11 on tablets. Chief among these features were new typing improvements, better touch targets, and, of course, widgets.

Closeup of Windows 11 on a tablet computer.


Another big change with Windows 11 comes when you remove an attachable keyboard from your tablet PC. Previously, the OS would change layouts whenever you detached the keyboard. Now, however, the layout remains the same, which means you won’t have to worry about resizing or moving windows.

Icons also won’t resize when in tablet mode, so you’ll be able to see them easier when using Windows 11 without a keyboard or external monitor connected.

Using a stylus with Windows 11 will offer some additional features, too, including haptic feedback. Microsoft also promised general improvements to inking and voice typing when using Windows 11, including automatic punctuation. Support for gestures will allow users to easily move between applications and complete other basic system tasks. 

Widgets in Windows 11


Widgets also are playing a big part in Windows 11, overall, and that is even more true when using it in tablet mode. Users can resize widgets, move them around, and just generally situate them how they want to. It’s a nice change, as it will make getting access to things like calendars, weather, and memos simpler.

Other general improvements to the operating system also will be available in tablet mode, so users can take full advantage of everything Windows 11 has to offer.

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