Microsoft Ending Support for Office Android Apps on Chromebooks

Users will have to switch to Office web apps instead

Microsoft has decided to end support for Office Android apps on Chromebooks, asking that people use Office's web applications instead.

According to About Chromebooks, some users have been receiving prompts telling them to switch to using Microsoft Office web applications. It also reports that, after reaching out, Microsoft has confirmed the changeover.

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This means that, if you're using a Chromebook, you won't be able to install and use Microsoft Office apps anymore. You'll have to switch over to and and sign in with either your Microsoft account or an account tied to your Microsoft 365 subscription instead.

There are, understandably, some concerns about Microsoft's decision to stop supporting native apps in favor of web-based ones. Primarily, that you might not have full access (or any access) to your Office apps without an internet connection.

While it is currently possible to use the Chromebook extension Office Editing tool, About Chromebooks points out that functionality is rudimentary at best. You'll only be able to make basic edits with the Office Editing tool, as it's being done through Google Docs, and you won't have access to many Office features.

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Thus far Microsoft has not commented on the limitations of working with Office web apps offline, and has not indicated whether it will address the problem. There are, however, still a few weeks left before Chromebook users will have to start using Office via the web, so that could change.

You still have a little time to get your documents and digital workspaces in order before the change. Microsoft will be completing the Outlook transition to web apps on Chromebooks on Saturday, September 18.

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