Microsoft Edge Browser Will Get a New Scrollbar in Windows 11

Overlay scrollbars are coming

Microsoft's Edge browser will get an update to its scrollbar in the Windows 11 release this fall. 

In particular, the Edge browser will get a new scrollbar design called “overlay scrollbars,” according to Windows Latest. The new overlay scrollbar design reportedly will match other Windows 11 apps and hide the scrollbars from view when you don’t need them. 

Microsoft Edge browser


Members of the Edge Insider program can experience the new look (as long as you’re running the latest build of Canary), but for everyone else, the feature will be available once Windows 11 debuts in October

Microsoft has been prioritizing its Edge browser after it announced in May that it would shut down Internet Explorer on June 15, 2022. The tech giant said the Edge browser has improved compatibility, streamlined productivity, and better browser security over Internet Explorer. 

The Edge browser might become even more secure than it already is, too, thanks to a new project dubbed "Super Duper Secure Mode" that Microsoft announced earlier this month. The experimental project would automatically disable performance or optimization features to prioritize security when a threat is detected.

Edge browser tracking prevention


Other Edge updates coming down the pipeline include the ability to edit PDFs within the browser itself, as reported by Digital Information World, which will not only save you time, but is super convenient since you can edit the document and make changes right away. 

With all these Edge updates and features, it’s no surprise it’s the third most popular browser in the US. According to Statcounter GlobalStats, Google Chrome takes the top spot as the popular internet browser in the US in 2021, followed by Apple’s Safari and Microsoft Edge.

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