Microsoft Confirms Discontinuing Xbox One Consoles

Production was quietly halted to focus on the Series X and S

It's official: Microsoft did indeed cease production of Xbox One consoles to focus on manufacturing more Series X and Series S models.

In a statement given to The Verge, Microsoft admitted that production of the Xbox One was quietly halted at the end of 2020—which is about when the Series X and Series S first launched. This decision was likely made to allow it enough leeway to keep up with the expected demand for the new consoles.

Xbox One console


It's a strategy that does seem to have worked out, as the Xbox Series S is currently available for purchase at several online retailers. Though the Series X is still proving to be quite challenging to find.

The PlayStation 5 also remains elusive, and according to Bloomberg, the response to the shortage has been to produce more PlayStation 4s.

Nickelodeon All-Star Brawl special edition Xbox Series X


Retailers have been slowly selling through their remaining Xbox One consoles over the past year, with no additional stock coming in. While this does make finding a brand new Xbox One a challenge, various used and refurbished models are still readily available, but the cost is only slightly lower—or in some cases much higher—than the $299 Xbox Series S.

The Xbox One isn't likely to go back into production at this point, so if you really want one you'll likely have to grab a used or refurbished model.

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