Microsoft Announces Huge Bing and Edge Updates, Powered by OpenAI

Digital assistants are making a leap in usefulness

Microsoft just announced a major refresh of the search engine Bing and its Edge web browser, all powered by a suite of tools provided by OpenAI.

The announcement happened during a closed press event that featured OpenAI CEO Sam Altman and Microsoft VP Yusuf Medhi. The pair noted that an advanced version of ChatGPT 3.5 is embedded within both Bing and Edge, leveraging AI (artificial intelligence) to unify the services to create something they call a copilot for the web.  

A screenshot of the new Microsoft Bing on the Edge Browser.


Medhi said that this advancement allows for better search with nuanced results, the ability to answer questions via chat, options for organizing content in various ways, and a content generation platform similar to current ChatGPT offerings.

The implementation of AI allows the various systems to work together, integrating with unique user information, to answer highly personal queries. The executive gave several examples, such as asking if a particular item of furniture will fit in the back of your car. They are calling this collection of AI-enhanced capabilities and techniques Prometheus. 

To that end, Bing and Edge keep track of user queries to deliver consistent answers that build on one another. Users can use a traditional search bar or a chat box that allows up to 1,000 characters. 

The chat box allows for detailed queries, such as asking about the history of Mexican art. As for Bing, it will place standard web results on the left column but reserve the right column for answers compiled by the system itself. Geolocation is also improved, with Medhi giving an example of the system showing nearby events happening in the vicinity. 

Bing Edge OpenAI


When shopping, the platform will even automatically compare and contrast top-selling products, complete with pros and cons. Another nifty example? Bing, Edge, and the AI framework will work together to find recipe substitutes if you forget a key ingredient, along with exact measurements.

Any information gleaned from the system can easily get packed into an email to send to friends, family, and coworkers. All of this is done via chat. In other words, you ask the system to write the email, and it does just that. 

Microsoft is adding a feedback button up top to help ensure adequate search results and to quickly solve issues. Both Bing and Edge are also getting new looks to accommodate the significant interior changes. The beta is available today to a limited user base, with a public rollout planned for the coming weeks. 

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