Microsoft and Sega Partner Up on Cloud Gaming Initiative

Combining Sega's software development with Microsoft's Azure cloud tech

Sega is teaming with Microsoft so it can use Azure cloud technology with its "Super Game" cloud initiative.

A recent announcement reveals that Sega wants to join in on the expanding world of cloud gaming, and it hopes to use Microsoft's Azure cloud technology to do it. The companies will work together in order to drive Sega's cloud gaming initiative forward and attempt to anticipate future gaming trends.

As Yukio Sugino, president and chief operating officer of Sega, states in the announcement, "...we aim to build an alliance that utilizes both SEGA's powerful game development capabilities and Microsoft's cutting-edge technology and development environment."

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Both Microsoft and Sega also will collaborate on the development and refinement of various related technologies. These will include the kinds of tools needed for global online communication and network infrastructure improvements, and, of course, games that Sega intends to create on next-generation development platforms.

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"We look forward to working together as they [Sega] explore new ways to create unique gaming experiences for the future using Microsoft cloud technologies," said Sarah Bond, corporate vice president at Microsoft, in the announcement, "Together we will reimagine how games get built, hosted, and operated, with a goal of adding more value to players and SEGA alike."

That's all we know about Microsoft and Sega's partnership for the time being. Both companies will be working together to create (and hopefully advance) cloud gaming, but no specific details have been released yet. Presumably, this means much more than streaming Genesis games, but we'll have to wait and see.

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