Microsoft Access Database Reports Tutorial

Create reports in Access

Microsoft Access Reports visualize data for presentations, printable formats, management reports, or simple summaries of what the tables represent from the database. Using the Report Wizard, you can quickly create a basic report.

Instructions in this article apply to Access for Microsoft 365, Access 2019, 2016, 2013, and 2010.

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How to Make a Report in MS Access

The Access Report Wizard allows you to choose the fields that appear in your report, how data is grouped or sorted, and more.

  1. Open the database and select the Create tab.

    The Create menu
  2. Select Report Wizard in the Reports group.

    The Report Wizard button in Microsoft Access
  3. The Report Wizard opens.

    Access Report Wizard
  4. In the Tables/Queries list, choose the table on which you want to base the report.

    The Tables/Queries menu in the Access Report Wizard
  5. In the Available Fields list, double-click a field name to add it to the report or select the field and click the single right arrow button to move it to the Selected Fields list.

    Double-clicking a field in the Selected Fields list will move it back to Available Fields.

    The Available Fields list in the Access Report Wizard
  6. Select Next when you finish adding fields.

    The Next button in the Access Report Wizard
  7. Choose the fields by which you want to sort the records and select Next.

    Sort order options in Report Wizard
  8. In the Layout section, select the layout in which you want the report to appear. Options include Columnar, Tabular, and Justified. You can choose Portrait or Landscape orientation, as well.

    A preview of the selected layout style appears on the left.

    The Layout and Orientation options in the Access Report Wizard
  9. Select Next to continue.

  10. Enter a title for the report.

    Title field in Access Report Wizard
  11. Choose Preview the report to see the completed report in Report View when finished or select Modify the report's design to open the report in Design View and select Finish.

    Go to Home > View to open the report in a different view.