How to Add a Date or Time Stamp to an Access 2007 Database

There are many applications where you may wish to add a date/time stamp to each record, identifying the time that the record was added to the database. Here's how to add a date/time stamp, to each record in a Microsoft Access database using the Now() function.

A database record.

Adding Date/Time Stamps in an Access 2007 Database

  1. Open the Microsoft Access database containing the table to which you wish to add a date or timestamp.

  2. In the left window pane, double-click on the table where you would like to add a date or timestamp.

  3. Switch the table to design view by selecting Design View from the View drop-down menu in the upper left corner of the Office Ribbon.

  4. Click on the cell in the Field Name column of the first blank row of your table. Type a name for the column (such as “Record Added Date”) in that cell.

  5. Click the arrow next to the word Text in the Data Type column of the same row and choose Date/Time from the drop-down menu.

  6. In the Field Properties window pane at the bottom of the screen, type “Now()” (without the quotes) into the Default Value box.

  7. Also in the Field Properties pane, click the arrow in the cell corresponding to the Show Date Picker property and select Never from the drop-down menu.

  8. Save your database by pressing the Microsoft Office button and selecting the Save menu item.

  9. Verify that the new field works properly by creating a new record. Access should automatically add a timestamp to the Record Added Date field.

Adding a Date Stamp Without the Time

The Now() function adds the current date and time to the field. Alternatively, you may use the Date() function to add the date without the time.

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