Microsoft Access 2007 Books for Beginners

Teach yourself Access 2007 with these introductory-level books

Anyone who is curious about databases and wants to learn more about Microsoft Access 2007 can start with these books for Access beginners. These introductory-level Access books present the software in a manner that is easily understood by newcomers to databases.

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Microsoft Access 2007 Step by Step

The Microsoft Press foray into the world of Access tutorial books makes you wonder why they don't have the same team working on their product documentation. This book should be included in the box when you purchase Access. This book offers an illustrated look at Access 2007's features. You set the pace with this book, learning skills as you need them.

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Access 2007 for Dummies

You don't have to be a dummy to appreciate Access 2007 for Dummies. This book, written in the world-famous Dummies style, provides readers with a gentle introduction to the world of databases and Microsoft Access 2007. It's chock full of examples and sure to please the novice user.

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Special Edition Using Microsoft Office Access 2007

This is an excellent Access 2007 reference book, although its 1000+ pages are jam-packed with technical detail that might intimidate the beginner. However, if you're a brave soul looking for a book that will grow with you, Roger Jenning's book is the best choice. Detailed instructions and icons guide beginning Access readers through mastering the basics of the software.

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Teach Yourself Visually

 If you're a visual learner who prefers short instructions and clear graphics and screenshots over long-winded explanations, you'll love "Teach Yourself Visually." This book provides easy visual directions for many of the processes necessary to master Access 2007. Each lesson is complete on two pages, and big topics are broken into bite-sized modules.

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Microsoft Access 2007 Bible

This book offers a 32-page QuickStart guide to get you up and running quickly in Access 2007. Then the rest of the 1400+ page tome offers an amazingly complete reference to the entire Access product. This book is often used as a textbook in Access courses, and it includes a CD that enables you to easily follow along with the examples. ​Beginners should appreciate the attention to database fundamentals and terminology.

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Microsoft Office Access 2007 Forms, Reports and Queries

Beginners quickly realize the importance of forms, reports and queries when they use Access 2007. This book focuses on the three components you absolutely must master to get the most out of your software. It is filled with real-world examples and techniques. It focuses on:

  • Forms to build efficient front-end databases
  • Reports to publish the results in an attractive manner
  • Queries to teach you how to extract the information you need from your database.
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Rational Guide to Access 2007 Templates

Zac Woodall's book provides a superior introduction to creating and sharing Microsoft Access database templates. It's an indispensable reference for anyone who needs to occasionally or regularly design or develops Access templates that improve the user experience of entering, managing and reporting on data.