Micromobility World: Dates, News, Rumors, and Everything Else To Know

An event focused on moving people more efficiently through cities

Micromobility solutions focus on using new technologies beyond the car to encourage people to use mass transit or lighter options to reduce clogged roads and improve commuting and travel in urban areas. Micromobility World is the first event to focus solely on this technology area.

Micromobility Industries, the event's sponsor, has not yet announced plans for 2022.

What Kinds of Topics Are Covered at This Event?

2021 was the first year for the event, so how it would unfold was a bit of a mystery. Disrupting the car is the focus here, so every aspect of the event is guided by finding alternatives to car ownership and use.

The event's agenda included 'Unpacking the Year of the Electric Bicycle' and 'Building the Cities of the Future.' Electric vehicles and the rethinking of urban areas for the future are the primary focus.

Much goes along with those topics, of course; they don't exist in a vacuum. Anyone interested in sustainability, climate, pollution, economy, and how humans can impact the future through the shaping of new ideas around urban living should find something of interest here.

What Are the Dates for Micromobility World?

The event was held digitally from January 27-29, 2021.

How To Register To Attend

There were two tiers to this event.

  • Anyone could attend the event free with a General Admission ticket, although quantities were limited.
  • VIP access was offered at $95. This level gave access to exclusive content and networking opportunities.
People using scooters and unlocked bikes to move through a city.

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The Latest News About Micromobility

You can always get the latest news about Micromobility World from Lifewire News. Here are a few other interesting articles to help you better understand the world of micromobility and how some tech companies are attempting to rethink transportation.

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