Michael Fulton

Michael Fulton is an entertainer, writer, and a video game enthusiast. Since his earliest years, Michael has always striven to create, whether it be in the form of a drawing, his music, YouTube videos, or in the form of an article for the various websites he has wrote for during his years online. Having been introduced to the internet at a young age, Michael has grown an interest in its consistent growth and the possibilities it and its electronic counterparts bring (especially in the form of video games).


For the last five years, Michael has made hundreds upon hundreds of videos regarding Minecraft (after being introduced to the game through his various friends). These videos spanned many topics and styles, ranging anywhere from Let's Plays, to educational/informal, and skits. Since his initial interest with the game began, Michael has been hooked to the virtual world, learning various ways to incorporate the ideas and concepts into his gameplay experience.

Over the thousands of hours of playtime accumulated over the course of many years, he has learned various traits and pieces of information that he hopes to share with his readers around the world.

Michael Fulton

"Minecraft is about creation, artistic expression, and whatever else you'd like it to be. For many, video games are an outlet. For me, Minecraft gave me a reason to make something new and explore the unknown. In Minecraft, every idea starts with a block. Get building."

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