Mets Opening Day Game Goes Completely Virtual

No Opening Day, no problem, SNY runs an MLB The Show game instead

Why This Matters:

It’s not the same as a real baseball game, but the SNY Network’s novel solution is as close to an Opening Day Game as we’re going to get right now.

MLB the Show 2020
Not a real game.  SNY

COVID-19 shut down Spring Training and has postponed Opening Day for all of Major League Baseball games, but New York’s SNY Network decided to give fans the next best thing and ran a complete game simulation on Thursday between longtime rivals the Mets and Washington Nationals and streamed it on Twitter and

Not a real game: SNY generated the digital game by running a simulated game inside San Diego Studio’s MLB The Show 2020, which is recognized as the sole baseball simulation game on the market.

A worthy substitute. The game features detailed graphics and live commentary that makes it feel almost like the real thing.

Something’s missing: The cuts between innings and plays could be abrupt and there wasn’t a single sponsor or commercial, which, come to think of it, is not such a bad thing.

Bottom Line: You’ve got to hand it to SNY, which found an innovative way to fill the Opening Day gap. The final score and stats won’t mean a thing when the real season finally starts, but it did succeed in giving some of us a little bit of that Opening Day vibe.

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