Unlimited Wireless: Metro by T-Mobile Wireless Roaming Policy

Metro by T-Mobile uses T-Mobile's nationwide network

Like most major wireless carriers in the U.S., Metro by T-Mobile (formerly MetroPCS) no longer charges a per-minute roaming fee on domestic accounts. Instead, Metro by T-Mobile service spans the entire nationwide T-Mobile network. If you end up somewhere that's not in the company's coverage area, you're automatically switched to a T-Mobile carrier partner's network, so you'll get connectivity outside the T-Mobile network.

Even with no per-minute roaming fees, you may experience restricted or slowed service, or a suspension, if you run up excessive out-of-zone phone time. It's a good idea to make sure Metro by T-Mobile's coverage areas align with where you use your phone most of the time.

Metro by T-Mobile Services

Metro by T-Mobile offers several domestic-service packages, none of which incur per-minute roaming charges in the nationwide coverage area or on the networks of T-Mobile partners.

Metro by T-Mobile plans don't require a contract, so it's easy to switch to a plan that makes more sense for you and your family. Popular Metro by T-Mobile plans include a 10 GB high-speed tier for $40 per month and an unlimited data plan for $50 per month (you get discounts when you add lines).

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International Roaming

While you won't experience per-minute roaming fees in the nationwide coverage area with Metro by T-Mobile plans, you may incur roaming charges when you travel internationally. International roaming is possible with Metro by T-Mobile because of partner agreements between T-Mobile and some international carriers. International roaming fees vary, and fees can quickly add up.

See Metro by T-Mobile's Terms of Service International Roaming for specific information about the Metro by T-Mobile international roaming program.

Avoid Roaming Charges With Global Voice

If you're a frequent international traveler, consider Metro by T-Mobile's $10 per month Global Voice add-on.

Global Voice gets you 200 talk minutes while in select countries and the ability to receive unlimited text messages. You'll also be able to send up to 200 text messages and use 200 MB of data in select countries. When you're in the U.S., Global Voice allows you to call landlines in more than 75 countries and send texts to friends in most countries globally.

To find out if a country is covered by Metro by T-Mobile's Global Voice add-on, visit Metro by T-Mobile's international services page and choose your country from the drop-down list.

If you're in frequent contact with people in Mexico, Metro by T-Mobile offers a Mexico and Canada Unlimited add-on with unlimited talk and text to and from those countries, along with 5 GB of data roaming. This add-on is $5 per month.

  • How do I unlock a T-Mobile wireless phone?

    To unlock a T-Mobile phone, use the T-Mobile Device Unlock app, or search for an option to Unlock in the device settings. For iPhones, contact T-Mobile directly at 877-746-0909.

  • Who has more coverage, T-Mobile or Verizon Wireless?

    Overall, Verizon offers wider coverage in rural areas than T-Mobile. That said, T-Mobile has better 5G coverage in areas where it is available.

  • How do I change my T-Mobile caller ID?

    To change your caller ID, open the T-Mobile app and tap More > Profile settings > Caller ID > your number. Enter a first and last name, then choose Save Caller ID name.

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