Unlimited Wireless: MetroPCS Wireless Roaming Policy

MetroPCS uses T-Mobile's nationwide network

Like most other major wireless carriers in the U.S., MetroPCS, which is part of T-Mobile, no longer charges a per-minute roaming fee on domestic accounts. Instead, the MetroPCS service covers the entire nationwide T-Mobile network.

That doesn't mean there isn't some fine print on the MetroPCS website about users who abuse the service and run up excessive out-of-zone phone time in areas that T-Mobile doesn't cover, but the penalty is reduction or cancellation of service, not a per-minute charge.

MetroPCS Services

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Metro PCS

MetroPCS offers several packages of domestic services, some of which include unlimited talk and text domestically and some that are for more than one phone. None incur per-minute roaming fee charges in the nationwide coverage area. However, MetroPCS users can incur roaming charges when they travel outside the U.S. to certain countries.

Roaming During Travel

Although users won't run into roaming charges for travel in the U.S., the story is different when they travel out of the country. MetroPCS International Roaming Service lets you use your phone in select countries using compatible networks. MetroPCS customers can purchase international plans to avoid roaming charges when they travel to Mexico or Canada. For people traveling to a wider range of countries, MetroPCS offers global options through its partnership with T-Mobile. These plans add unlimited calling and texting to and from each country for a small monthly fee.

MetroPCS Terms for International Roaming Details

Because MetroPCS partners with companies internationally, it may be that you could incur roaming charges in some countries. See MetroPCS Terms of Service International Roaming for specific information about the MetroPCS international roaming program. MetroPCS does not operate internationally, but it partners with other phone services. Your service provider can provide additional information about roaming during travel.

For more information about using your phone in a specific country, contact MetroPCS.