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Does Metropcs Charge for Roaming or Is Wireless Roaming Free?

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Unlike the case with other major wireless carriers in the US, MetroPCS (which is a part of T-Mobile) is not free and unlimited. In fact, it’s quite pricey compared to its competitors.

MetroPCS doesn’t use the industry-standard “roaming” language when referring to its roaming. Instead, it brands its roaming as TravelTalk®. Unlike Verizon Wireless, Sprint, AT&T and T-Mobile, MetroPCS is not a true nationwide cell phone carrier.

MetroPCS Roaming Charges

MetroPCS simply prices its roaming minutes at a flat 19 cents per minute when outside a MetroPCS coverage area. Follow the link at the bottom of this page for a MetroPCS coverage map.

Cricket Wireless, which also isn’t a true nationwide cell phone carrier, offers some roaming minutes for free on two plans. It then sells them at an affordable rate beyond those minutes or à la carte on plans without roaming minutes.

With Cricket Wireless, for example, 120 roaming minutes would cost you $15. With MetroPCS, the same 120 roaming minutes would cost you $22.80.

MetroPCS customers can purchase international plans to avoid roaming charges. For example, you can buy a monthly World Calling, Canada Unlimited, or Mexico Unlimited plan for specific features such as (with the World Calling option) unlimited calling to landlines in over 75 countries and 200 minutes to mobiles in select countries.

However, if you don't purchase such a plan, you should be aware of the international roaming charges as described below.

Important MetroPCS International Roaming Details

See MetroPCS Terms of Service International Roaming for specific information on MetroPCS' international roaming details.

Here are some important details from that page:

  • You will be charged on a per minute basis for voice calls.
  • You will be charged on a per minute basis for calls to your voicemail (listening to your voicemail).
  • Per minute charges will be rounded up to the next closest full minute increment.
  • Calls will be billed from the time you press the “send” button until the call terminates or you press the “end” button.
  • MetroPCS is not required to provide you with a message indicating that your use of the international roaming service will incur charges on a per-minute basis.
  • Additionally, MetroPCS is not required to provide you with a period of time to terminate your call without charge.
  • If you are utilizing a MetroPCS bundled product that provides a certain number of minutes, those bundled minutes will be utilized first, before International roaming calls are charged against your available MetroConnect balance.
  • MetroPCS may charge international termination fees against your MetroConnect account balance for calls you receive while roaming in international roaming coverage, even if those calls are sent to voicemail, from the time you answer the call until the call is terminated or you press the “end” button, whichever is longer.
  • Text messaging is available while you utilize international roaming coverage, but may incur additional charges to be deducted from your MetroConnect account balance.
  • Usage of services initiated near country borders may be carried by a cell site in a neighboring country, be considered international roaming service and charged against the balance in your MetroConnect account.

MetroPCS Coverage Map

The MetroPCS coverage map and its TravelTalk zones can be found here. You can filter that map to show just TravelTalk® and other types of coverage.

When subscribed to a text messaging plan, texting is free and unlimited in a roaming (or TravelTalk) area with MetroPCS.

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