Meta Wants Your Help Perfecting Its Animation AI

Make your kids' drawings come to life

Meta has introduced a new artificial intelligence (AI) technology that turns your drawings into animations. 

CEO Mark Zuckerberg posted on his Facebook page on Thursday about the new technology created for the metaverse, which can take simple drawings and give them life.

Example of Meta's animation AI


"Meta AI researchers built a tool that lets you animate kids' drawings, so I tested it out with a sketch my daughter made," he said. "AI advancements can be used in storytelling and world-building tools—and in the future, they'll unlock new experiences and make creative expression in the metaverse as effortless as social posts today." 

You can even upload your own drawing on a website and play around with it to make it move in various ways. Afterward, you can share the animations generated from the website to your Facebook page and other social media platforms. 

The technology is great for any drawings your kids may have created to make them literally come to life. Keep in mind that the only drawings that will work with the AI are drawings of one character with a body, and it has to be on a white piece of paper. 

However, it's important to note that the website's primary purpose is not solely for fun but to further Meta's research into this new AI. Therefore, before you upload your photo, you must agree to Meta's Terms and Conditions, which lays out what they will do with your drawings. 

"In particular, we would like to use for research purposes the drawings that you've uploaded to the Demo ("Materials")," the terms state, "and any modifications or adjustments made by you using the tools and functionalities made available to you in connection with the Demo ("Modifications"), but first we'd like to make sure you're okay with how we'll use it for such purposes." 

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