Meta Launches VR Meeting Space ‘Horizon Home’ for Quest Users

Entertain friends in the metaverse…

Perhaps the greatest lure of the so-called metaverse is the ability to hang out with friends without, you know, actually hanging out with friends. 

Meta has just made VR gatherings easier to organize and access by launching Horizon Home for Quest platform users, as announced in an official press release. The software is a virtual meeting space with a robust feature set catering to those who use VR to connect with others. 

Horizon Home


Horizon Home allows users to invite people to hang out in their "home," meaning the place you see when you first boot up your Quest headset. This space has always been fully customizable, but until now, it has always been a solo experience. 

Once friends arrive at your Horizon Home, participate in a group chat, boot up your favorite multiplayer game, or watch a movie on a (virtual) theater screen. 

To that final point, only Oculus TV supports this feature, for now, so you won't be able to access Netflix, Hulu, or the other big streamers. However, many of these streaming giants boast their own Quest apps with multi-user options. 

Oculus TV does, however, allow for shared immersive VR experiences such as exploring the International Space Station or getting a bird's eye view of a professional mountain climber at work.  

As for these limitations, the company says they will be "adding more features and improving the experience over time."

Horizon Home is launching today for Quest users, but it is a staggered release, so it may be a day or two before everyone has access to the update. 

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