Meta Launches Privacy Center to Educate Its Userbase

Currently available to select American Facebook Users

Meta is introducing a new Privacy Center, where people can learn about the company’s approach towards security across its services and apps.

Privacy Center gives information on five main topics: Security, Sharing, Collection, Use, and Ads, according to the official announcement. Currently, Privacy Center is only available to select users in the US on the desktop version of Facebook.

Meta/Facebook Security Center

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The five topics each come with their own corresponding educational guide and controls. Security teaches you about your Facebook account’s security and how to set up two-factor authentication. Sharing answers to questions regarding who sees your posts and how to manage them.

Collection goes through the types of data Meta collects and how you can view that information with the Access Your Information tool. In the same vein, Use explains how/why Meta uses that data and the controls you can use to manage it. Finally, Ads shows the data used to determine the advertisements you see on Facebook.

Meta stated that it plans on rolling out the Privacy Center to more apps in the coming months to serve as the central hub for security and privacy control.

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The company also plans to add more modules and controls to Privacy Center but didn’t detail when they will be available or what they entail.

In recent months, Meta has extended its privacy and security measures for its users. In November 2021, the company axed its facial recognition software program after years of backlash, and in December 2021, Meta announced it was taking legal action against phishing schemes.

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