Meta Just Made It Easy to Switch Between Your Facebook and Instagram Accounts

It also streamlined the account creation process

Meta is making some big changes to Instagram and Facebook to make it easier for users to switch between separate accounts. 

The company has implemented a cross-platform profile-switching interface that keeps track of notifications across both social media sites. This is great news for those who manage a number of different accounts for work, creative pursuits, various hobbies, or just to separate social circles. 

Meta Update

Here’s how it works. Once you add your various Facebook and Instagram profiles to the same Accounts Center, each one will appear in the same navigation pulldown, allowing you to hop to and from profiles with ease, from Facebook to Instagram and vice versa. Notifications are easily visible for each profile, allowing a large meta (pun intended) view of your entire network of accounts. 

The social media parent company has also made it easier to create new accounts within this framework. Using the same Accounts Center tab, you can quickly make new profiles for either service. In other words, you just need one primary account, and you use that to create all of your profiles. The days of endlessly logging on and off are, thankfully, coming to an end. 

Meta Update iOS


Meta says existing security features, such as two-factor authentication, still apply to this new setup, so the changes shouldn't make life any easier for hackers and annoying little identity thieves. 

This update is rolling out globally, albeit slowly, to iOS, Android, and web users; Meta has not given a timeframe as to when it will be universally available. It did, however, suggest it may bring the tech to WhatsApp and other entities under its purview. 

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