Meta (Finally) Verifies Everyone Is a Legal Adult on Facebook Dating

Well, it's in the testing phase, at least

Meta is incorporating age verification into Facebook Dating in an attempt to prevent anyone under the age of 18 from using the service.

Facebook Dating has always had an "18 and older" requirement, but there has been no verification process to ensure that's the case. Now it's taking extra steps to ensure that its users meet the criteria. If the service thinks you might be under 18, it will ask for proof of age.

Facebook Dating age confirmation


When prompted, said proof can be supplied in two ways: A video selfie or a photo of your ID. If you choose to use a video, once you're guided through the process, a still image will be sent to Meta's age-verifying partner, Yoti. An age estimate based on that image (and derived from your facial features) will then be sent back, and the still will be summarily deleted, Meta says. It also states that Yoti's age-verifying neural network can't be used to identify anyone—only to determine age.

If you instead opt to upload a picture of your ID, a copy will be stored with your account. Meta says it will be encrypted and secure, though a copy may be sent along to "trusted service providers" to help with the confirmation process. The ID may also be stored with your account for up to a full year, though Meta says it will let you know if that happens and that you can manually manage how long it's saved for.

This test of age verification tools is live now in the US, with plans to extend into other countries where Facebook Dating is available at some unspecified point in the future.

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