How to Message Someone on YouTube

How to contact your favorite YouTubers

What to Know

  • You can message YouTube creators on their channel via their email address under the About tab.
  • There is no private messaging function built-in to YouTube.

This article explains how to interact with YouTube video creators.

Is There a Way to Message Someone on YouTube?

Sending a message to a creator on YouTube is not a direct function of YouTube. Instead, you have to go through email. You will need to use the YouTube search function to find the creator or channel.

  1. Type a video title into the search bar.

    The YouTube search bar highlighted.
  2. Click a YouTube video of your choice.

    A video search result highlighted on YouTube.
  3. Click the username underneath the video title.

    A channel name highlighted under a YouTube video's title.

  4. Click the About tab.

    The About tab highlighted from a YouTube Channel page.
  5. Click view email address.

    View Email Address highlighted from a YouTube channel's About page.


    There might not be an email address available. It depends on whether the YouTube creator has their email address listed as viewable to the public.

  6. You might be prompted to answer a Captcha quiz.

  7. Click the email address, your default email provider will open up.

    A YouTube channel's email address populated in a user's default email program.

Leaving a comment isn't always the most private option or the most desirable. But it's a great way to establish a direct line of communication if an email address is not available.

Can You Message Someone on YouTube?

You can message someone on YouTube but using an email address. You will need to follow the above instructions to go to the About page and click on the creator's email address.

There are times when the creator has not linked an email address to their YouTube channel. When this is the case, you will need to leave a public comment on one of their videos.

How Do You Send a Private Message on YouTube?

Unfortunately, there is no private messaging function on YouTube. There used to be connectivity with Google +, but Google discontinued that service. The only way to interact privately with a YouTube content creator is by email address.

Otherwise, you will need to connect with them via the comments section. Comments are not always the best form of communication as they are viewable to the public. But, you can ask a YouTube creator how to get in touch in a comment. It's the best method of establishing a direct line of contact with your favorite YouTube creators.

  • How do I message someone on the YouTube mobile app?

    You can't message a content creator through the YouTube app. Open the YouTube channel in a web browser and find contact information from the About tab.

  • How do I message someone on YouTube comments?

    You can leave a comment on a particular video to interact with the creator if comments are allowed. On your smartphone, tap Comments > Add a public comment > type your message > Send. On some phones it may be Comments > Add a comment > type your message Send. On desktop, go to the comments section > add your message > and select Comment. You can also communicate with channel creators through YouTube Community posts or live chats and polls from YouTube streamers.

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