How to Message Someone on TikTok

Use the message icon or share button on the video page

What to Know

  • Select Inbox (app) or the message icon (desktop) to send messages.
  • DM with a video through the share button on the video page.
  • Direct messages work only between friends who have their DMs open.

This article explains how to direct message someone on TikTok. We'll also examine what it means if you can't send someone a message and what to do if you need to stop someone from private messaging you.

How to Message Someone on TikTok

To send a DM, visit a user's profile and tap Message. It works like that on the desktop site and in the mobile app.

Message Button on The Weather Channel profile

Below are alternative directions that work a little differently between the app and the website.

Direct Messaging in the App

You can access messages and send a new one from the Inbox tab at the bottom of the app.

  1. Tap Inbox at the bottom.

  2. Tap the new chat button at the top right.

    If the person has already messaged you in the past and the conversation is still there, you can simply tap it from the list to go straight there.

  3. Select a friend from the list, and then use the text box to send the person a text message.

    TikTok messages on Android

Direct Messaging From a Computer

If you're using TikTok without the app, you can still send a friend a text message from the Messages page of the website.

  1. Select the message icon at the top right, near your profile image. You can also get there by going to TikTok's Messages page.

  2. Select a conversation to send a new message and view previous messages with that user.

    TikTok Messages on the web

How to Share TikToks Through a Direct Message

The above directions are for sending a simple text message to a friend, but you might have noticed that doing so won't let you share a video. You must start from the video, use the share button first, and then choose the friend you want to message.

  1. With the video you want to share open in full view, tap the arrow/share button on the right menu.

    If you're on the desktop site, hover the mouse over that button and select Send to friends. If you're viewing it in full-screen mode, select the send/arrow button.

  2. Select a frequently messaged user from the list in the pop-up menu, or scroll to the far right (in the mobile app) to find the More button if you don't see them listed.

    Send the same message to multiple people by selecting everyone with which you want to share the video. Doing this creates separate conversations, not a group message.

  3. Optionally add text to the message, and then select Send.

    Send tiktok in private message on android

Can You Message Anyone on TikTok?

No, not every TikTok user can private message you, nor can you message all other users. There are default restrictions built-in to prevent this, plus any user can lock down their private messages.

Here's what you need to know:

  • Users 16 and older are allowed to engage in direct messages.
  • Nobody can message you if your DM settings are set to No one (see below).
  • A user can message you only if you both follow each other or have sent them a message in the past.

Some DM attempts with non-friends will display a notice saying you can send up to three messages until the user accepts your message request, but this isn't true for every user. It appears to be a feature afforded to select users only.

How to Prevent Direct Messaging on TikTok

If you're getting messages from someone you no longer wish to communicate with, the best thing to do is block that TikTok user. That will immediately prevent them from interacting with you via direct messages and even commenting on your videos. They will not get a notification you've blocked them.

Something else you can do is stop everyone from messaging you at once, even friends. Do this by editing the Who can send you direct messages option in your privacy settings. From the mobile app, go to Profile > menu > Settings and privacy > Privacy > Direct messages, and choose No one.

TikTok settings and privacy and direct messages screens on Android
  • Why can't I send a message on TikTok?

    If you can't send messages on TikTok, check your network connection, update the app, and make sure your phone number is verified. You or the user could have messages turned off in your settings. If you still have problems, use a site like Downdetector to see if TikTok is down.

  • What happens when you delete a message on TikTok?

    When you delete a message on TikTok, it doesn't unsend, so the recipient can still view it. Deleting a message only removes it from your device.

  • Can I see when someone reads my TikTok messages?

    No. Unlike other apps such as WhatsApp, TikTok doesn't support read recipients. There's also no way to tell if someone has viewed your TikToks.

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