Merak Mail Server 7.6.4

The Bottom Line

Merak Mail Server is a complete, capable and secure mail server that can adapt to all mailing needs gracefully and integrates server-side Bayesian spam filtering as well as instant messaging.


  • Merak Mail Server is fast, stable, feature-rich
  • Good security and effective Bayesian spam filtering
  • Merak Mail Server is easy to set up and maintain overall


  • Merak Mail Server may be overkill for simpler needs


  • Merak Mail Server is an SMTP/POP/IMAP/webmail and LDAP server.
  • Blocks spam using content filters, tarpitting, DNS blackhole lists, anti-relaying features and more.
  • Merak Instant AntiSpam is even better: Bayesian filters, trained per user or via online updates.
  • Merak can also use challenge/response filtering and includes SpamAssassin-compatible heuristics.
  • Merak Mail Server support TLS/SSL, integrated AVAST! virus scanner and external virus scanners.
  • Supports multiple domains and mailing lists, autoresponders and per-user quota.
  • Merak Mail Server can collect mail from remote POP accounts and distribute it to local users.
  • Includes a disk space monitor and server watchdog, supports multiple CPUs.
  • Merak includes a secure and Jabber XML-compatible instant messaging server.
  • Merak Mail Server supports Windows 9x/ME/NT/2000/3/XP.

Guide Review - Merak Mail Server 7.6.4 - Mail Server

Some may wonder why anybody would choose Windows as a mail server platform, but if you do you should seriously consider Merak Mail Server. Not only does it has almost all the features a mail server can offer, it is also reliable, fast and secure.

Merak Mail Server supports various anti-spam measures (including tarpitting and DNS black(hole) lists), has a built-in content filter, can integrate many virus scanners in addition to an internal scanning engine and fully supports mail delivery via TLS/SSL.

The best thing is Merak Instant AntiSpam, though, server-side Bayesian spam filtering that can be trained via an instant messaging client plug-in as well as through online updates. The Merak Mail Server junk mail arsenal is completed by versatile challenge/response filtering. As-yet-unknown senders that meet certain conditions (if their message has a certain Bayesian junk mail probability, for example) are sent a challenge, responding to which will authorize them.

Merak Mail Server also comes with a powerful WebMail interface (supporting secure S/MIME messaging) and pretty sophisticated groupware/calendaring features.