Memeter Gadget

A full review of the Memeter System Monitoring Windows gadget

Screenshot of the Memeter Gadget in Windows 7
Memeter Gadget.

Memeter is one of the more simple system monitoring gadgets for Windows that we've seen, but that doesn't mean it's not exactly what you need, especially if you're a minimalist when it comes to desktop gadgets.

If all you want is a simple gadget to monitor your CPU, RAM, and battery usage, then you'll love Memeter.

Memeter is a free download from Softpedia. See How To Install a Windows Gadget if you need help.

This Windows gadget is really simple, but it still provides solid details:

What We Like

  • Clear and simple display of CPU, RAM, and battery resources

  • You can customize the color the gadget

  • Supports standard gadget opacity levels

  • Doesn't use a lot system resources while running

  • Displays accurate information

What We Don't Like

  • No resizing options

  • Can not hide any of the details - they have to all be shown

  • Only supports two CPU cores

  • Unable to refresh the details manually

More Information on the Memeter Gadget

Here are some additional details about this Windows gadget:

  • The Memeter gadget works equally well in Windows 7 and in Windows Vista
  • There are several color options so you can change it from silver to black, blue, red, yellow, purple and others
  • This gadget shows battery details like the current battery level and the amount of time it has left in its charge
  • The Memeter gadget shows your current CPU speed with support for up to two cores
  • All the available system memory is shown in the gadget as well as the total physical memory that the computer can use
  • The details are given automatically and you aren't able to force them to refresh
  • As like with any Windows gadget, you can move it around the screen and adjust the opacity in 20% increments from 100% down to 20%, as well as make it stay on top of all the other open windows

Our Thoughts on the Memeter Gadget

Memeter is a pretty good processor, memory, and battery monitoring gadget for Windows 7 and Windows Vista. we didn't run into any errors messages while using it and it never made our computer seem slower while running, which is great since some Windows gadgets use up lots of system resources.

There's nothing at all fancy about Memeter but that might be what makes it perfect for you. There aren't any other options other than which color you'd like the gadget background to be, so it's both easy to use and functional.

If Memeter supported more than two CPU cores and if it the size was configurable, then I'd give it a extra full star. However, go ahead and give Memeter a try if these aren't concerns for you.

Want to Try Another System Monitoring Gadget?

If you're interested in some other free system monitoring gadgets, we recommend reading our reviews of System Control A1, margu-NotebookInfo2, DriveInfo, Xirrus Wi-Fi Monitor, and CPU Meter.

Some of those Windows gadgets are similar to Memeter in that they can check the RAM and CPU, but most of them have additional features and more customization options, like the ability to include the current time or to monitor the wireless network you're connected to.