Melanie Pinola

Melanie is a seasoned telecommuter, IT professional, and overall gadget geek whose work responsibilities and personal interests prod her to find and share the best ways to use new technologies for mobile work.


Melanie has over a decade of telecommuting experience as the IT administrator and Art Director for a marketing and business development agency. Her experience includes: troubleshooting Wi-Fi connections, researching new laptops or smartphones, developing data security policies, and recommending mobile media platforms for client marketing campaigns.

Because she works from home full-time, Melanie practically lives in the cloud and does almost all of her work over VPN.

She has written for several publications including ITworld and Lifehacker.

Melanie Pinola

Although my work in the IT field and mobile media arena provide valuable experience for guiding the Mobile Office Technology site, I think my unofficial status as a gadget geek is just as important. I often think back fondly on my first cellphone, the Nokia 9000 Communicator (circa 1997), one of the world's first smartphones, which was about the size and weight of a brick. If you wanted to find some information on the Web then, it cost a small fortune and took forever. Boy, times have changed.

My goal is to be a great resource for mobile workers of all kinds--whether you regularly telecommute like I do, are a road warrior traveling constantly for business, or are just making your first remote/mobile connection to the office.

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