Meet New Friends in Meebo Rooms

Launching Meebo Chat Rooms

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Keeping up with friends and family is easy on Meebo, but did you know you can also access literally hundreds of public and user-created chat rooms, too? Meebo chat rooms offer users a great opportunity to meet new friends around the world who share similar interests, in addition to sharing music, photos, videos and other media in real-time inside the virtual rooms community.

Launching Meebo Chat. To get started, click the "Meebo Rooms" link alongside the link toolbar on the top of the page.

Learn How to Add Meebo Chat to Your Website

Joining a Meebo Room

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A full, illustrated menu will appear in Meebo with different chat room options. To see more options, use the page numbers which appear in the upper, left-hand corner of the Meebo chat room listings.

To join a chat room, double-click the title.

Welcome to Your Meebo Chat Room

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After double-clicking the chat room title, the room will automatically load. To pop the chat out into its own browser window, click the pop out tab in the upper, right-hand corner of the chat room.

Chat Room Search

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Can’t find a chat room worth joining? Use the chat room search function in the upper left hand corner. Enter keywords for the kind of chat room you are looking for and press Enter or hit the magnifying glass.

A list of chat rooms will appear as before, incorporating your keyword.

Create a Chat Room

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Still can’t find the chat room you are looking for? Chances are there are others looking for the same themed chat room, so why not launch a new chat? Click the "Create a New Room" button in the upper right-hand corner to get started.

Name Your Chat Room

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A small menu will appear, prompting you to enter your chat room name, description, tags to help people search for your chat room, categories, chat room icon and options for sharing media within the chat room.

Once you have entered the chat room information, click “Next” to continue.

Select Chat Room Participants

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Once you have completed the new chat room set-up, a menu pops up with all online friends on Meebo. You must select at least one contact to join you in the chat for the chat room to go live.

Select "Create New Room" to launch your new chat room.