The Many Hues of Medium Blue Colors

From Medium Blue to Cornflower, the In-Between Shades of Blue

15 Beautiful Blue Rooms

The color blue is a favorite of both men and women but blue covers a lot of cool colors. These middle of the road shades of blue aren't dark like navy or pale like powder blue. These are the medium azure, sky blue, and royal shades of blue.

Azure (UN Blue)

Azure UN Blue
Azure UN Blue. Azure UN Blue

This swatch represents one of the medium shades of azure that's known as UN blue because of its use by the United Nations. Generally described as being halfway between cyan and blue, this medium azure denotes stability, security, and authority. 

  • Hex #4B92DB
  • RGB 75,146,219

Cornflower Blue

Cornflower Blue
Cornflower Blue. Cornflower Blue

The SVG color keyword cornflower blue is this medium azure blue. Named for the cornflower, it's a calming, peaceful nature color. The Crayola crayon color called cornflower is a lighter cornflower than the swatch shown here.

  • Hex #6495ED
  • RGB 100,149,237


Peacock. Peacock

Named for the bright blue body of some peacocks, this peacock blue is just slightly grayer than cornflower blue. Nature, stability, calmness, and richness are some of its attributes.

  • Hex #33A1C9
  • RGB 51,161,201

Deep Sky Blue

Deep Sky Blue
Deep Sky Blue. Deep Sky Blue

This swatch is deep sky blue (SVG color keyword), representing one of the many shades of sky blue or cerulean. It can symbolize peace, confidence, and nature. It's got a bit of a turquoise flavor to it.

  • Hex #00BFFF
  • RGB 0,191,255
  • Browser Safe Color: No, the closet matches might be #0099ff | 0,153,255 or #00ccff | 0,204,255

Dodger Blue

Dodger Blue
Dodger Blue. Dodger Blue

Fans of the Los Angeles Dodgers may or may not know this specific shade of Dodger Blue. The swatch shown here is the SVG color keyword dodgerblue which is not the same as the blue of the Dodger uniforms.

  • Hex #1E90FF
  • RGB 30,144,255


Azure Blue
Azure Blue. Azure Blue

This is not the Web color azure. This Azure is a shade of blue that falls on the color wheel between blue and cyan. Azure is a cool color denoting nature, stability, calmness, and richness.

  • Hex #007FFF
  • RGB 0,127,255

Cadet Blue

Cadet Blue
Cadet Blue. Cadet Blue

Cadet blue (SVG color keyword cadet blue) is a medium blue with a grayish tint that might be described as blue-gray. Both blue and gray are cool colors. Cadet blue is a subdued blue that quietly suggests authority, stability, and just a hint of storminess.

  • Hex #5F9EA0
  • RGB 95,158,160

Steel Blue

Steel Blue
Steel Blue. Steel Blue

A bit bluer than Cadet Blue, Steel Blue (SVG color keyword steel blue) is a slightly brighter blue-gray color but still a subdued shade of corporate blue.

  • Hex #4682B4
  • RGB 70,130,180


Royal Blue

Royal Blue
Royal Blue. Royal Blue

Between cobalt and cornflower is this pretty Royal Blue (SVG royal blue). This blue is soothing, peaceful, and can also suggest richness. 

  • Hex #4169E1
  • RGB 65,105,255


Blue. Blue

This pure, bright blue isn't a dark blue or a light blue so we'll call it a medium blue (although there is a different hue with that name). It's CSS/SVG color keyword is blue. This blue is a year-round, universal color.

  • Hex #0000FF
  • RGB 0,0,255
  • Browser Safe Color: Yes

Medium Blue

Medium Blue
Medium Blue. Medium Blue

Barely discernible from blue, this swatch is medium blue (SVG color keyword medium blue), which might appear slightly darker than plain blue. Medium Blue is a cool color that carries the blue symbolism of importance and confidence. Although it's not a light or pastel blue, it still has something of a fresh, spring-like quality with a touch of childlike playfulness.

  • Hex #0000CD
  • RGB 0,0,205
  • Browser Safe Color: No, but almost. Use #0000CC | 0,0,204