Meditate, Study, or Register to Vote with Snapchat Minis

You can make decisions as a group or make predictions together, too

Now you can play in Snapchat even longer to stay connected to your friends.

Headspace Mini App in Snapchat on iPhone

Original image: do you mockup

Snapchat Minis are little apps that you can use while chatting without ever leaving the app itself. Now four of the initial seven announced apps are available to you in Snapchat. They'll show up when you tap the little rocket icon while in chat mode.

What Minis are: According to TechCrunch, the trend in China is super-apps, where you can do a lot of different things while virtually hanging out with friends. While not as popular in the US or UK (Apple has some mini-apps in Messages, but they never really took off), Snapchat might have the clout and number of users to help make Minis more mainstream.

Flashcards, Let's Do It, Prediction Master mini-apps for Snapchat

Availability: Right now, you can launch Headspace, a meditation mini-app with six little three to four-minute meditations, like "Me Time," "Be Nice To You," and "Get Out Of A Funk." There's Prediction Master, which gets you to predict the outcome of various sports, gaming, and world news outcomes (like "How many global cases of COVID-19 will there be by August 1). Let's Do It gives you and your pals a way to make decisions together, from what to eat or watch to learning a new dance or painting something in your room. Finally, Flashcards by tembo are pretty much what you'd expect for a group study-aid.

What's next: Snap's plan is to roll more of these out over time, with at least three more in the near future, including tickets from Atom, festival planning for Coachella, and Registering to vote. All in all, the company hopes that Snapchatters will spend a bit more time inside the app than out, which may be good for the company, at least, if not users themselves. The rollout is happening now, so you should see the new Minis in your own app soon.

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