What is an MDT File?

How to Open, Edit, & Convert MDT Files

Screenshot of the MDT file icon

A file with the MDT file extension is a Microsoft Access Add-in Data file, used by Access and its add-ins for storing relevant data.

Although Microsoft Access uses both file types, an MDT file shouldn't be confused with the MDB format that Access uses to store database information, unless your particular MDT file happens to be an old Microsoft Access 97 template file.

An MDT file may instead be a GeoMedia Access Database Template file, which is a format used by the GeoMedia geospatial processing software to create an MDB file out of its data.

Some video editing software may use the MDT file extension too, to store text in the XML format about the video creation process.

Note: Autodesk's (now discontinued) Mechanical Desktop (MDT) software uses this abbreviation too, but I don't think its files are saved with the .MDT extension. MDT files also have nothing to do with the Microsoft Deployment Toolkit (MDT) used for installing the Windows operating system.

How To Open an MDT File

Microsoft Access opens files that are in the MDT format.

If your MDT file isn't a Microsoft Access Data file, then it's most likely used by Hexagon's GeoMedia Smart Client.

A simple text editor should be able to open MDT files that are produced from video converters or video editors. You probably only need to open this kind of MDT file if you're not sure where the program is storing the video file, since the location of the video is stored in the MDT file. Notepad++ is a good choice for viewing these types of MDT files.

Note: Notepad++ (or any text editor) might be useful even if your MDT file isn't saved in any of these formats. Just open the file in the text editor and see if there's any header information or readable text anywhere throughout the file that indicates what program was used to create it. This can help you research software that supports opening that specific file.

If you find that an application on your PC does try to open the MDT file but it's the wrong application or if you would rather have another installed program open them, see my How To Change the Default Program for a Specific File Extension guide for making that change in Windows.

How To Convert an MDT File

An MDT file probably can't be converted into another format that Microsoft Access recognizes. This type of data file is likely just used by the program when the data is needed, and not intended to be opened at will, like with ACCDB and other Access files.

It's likely that GeoMedia Smart Client can export its data into other formats in addition to MDT, so I assume you can use the same program to open the MDT and save it to a different format.

I see no reason to convert an XML-based MDT file, but you certainly can if you want to. Just open the file in a text editor and then save it to a new format like TXT or HTML.

Still Having Problems Opening or Using an MDT File?

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Let me know what kinds of problems you're having with the file, what format you think your particular MDT is in, and then I'll see what I can do to help.