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Maxim Integrated Products
Maxim Integrated Products

Maxim Integrated Products is an American semiconductor components manufacturer based in Sunnyvale, California with design and manufacturing facilities around the world. Founded in 1983 by nine people with a two-page business plan and nine million in venture capital, today Maxim has revenues of nearly $2.5 billion, over 9,000 employees and over 35,000 customers worldwide.

Maxim Company History

Spurred on by a major disagreement between Jack Welch, CEO of GE, and Jack Gifford, CEO of GE's semiconductor operations, Intersil, Jack left GE and pulled together the founding team of Maxim. The original nine founders of Maxim included industry pioneers each with decades of experience in wafer technology, CMOS analog design, automated test systems, analog switch and multiplexer designers, leading scientists, inventors, and sales and marketing. Based on the reputations of the founding team, and a bare-bones two-page business plan, Maxim received $9 million in venture capital funding in April of 1983. Maxim started by introducing second source products in 1984 before offering their own proprietary designs just a year later. The founding CEO, Jack Gifford, challenged the team to develop 15 new products each quarter, an unheard of rate of innovation for such a small design team.

Maxim's pace of innovation and the skill of its design team lead to its first breakthrough product in 1985, the MAX232. An innovative single chip, single voltage RS-232 serial interface solution that helped spread the adoption of the RS-232 standard in portable electronics. With the success of the MAX232 and development of Maxim's mixed-signal product line, Maxim developed a reputation as a technical leader and experienced steady growth in the face of stiff competition. Maxim pursued a strategy of developing a diversified portfolio of products that has helped it avoid cyclical market downturns, maintaining high profitability and growth throughout the dot-com bubble and telecom industry downturn.

Maxim has focused on growth through internal development and innovation rather than through acquisition, although certain key acquisitions have been made. Over the years Maxim has purchased five semiconductor fabrication facilities in California, Oregon, and Texas and has a joint operating agreement with Seiko-Epson covering a wafer fabrication facility in Japan. In addition to acquiring fabrication facilities, Maxim acquired mature technologies and experienced engineering talent in its purchase of Dallas Semiconductor in 2001, as well as an additional fabrication facility. Maxim also built its own facilities around the world to complement the acquisitions of fabrication capacity including a test and manufacturing facilities in the Philippines and Thailand.

Maxim Products

Maxim's analog product lines include data converters, interfaces, real-time clocks, microcontrollers, operational amplifiers, power supply management, charge management, sensors, transceivers, voltage references, and switches. Currently, Maxim offers more than 3,200 products, a number which grows rapidly with Maxim introducing hundreds of new proprietary products every year.

Maxim Culture

Maxim strives to maintain a culture associated more with small businesses and startups than large corporations. To maintain the rapid rate of new product development, Maxim is nimble, aggressive, innovative, and cooperative and encourages employees to take an active role in their individual development and future success. Maxim places a strong emphasis on initiative and provides employees with a high degree of autonomy as they take on greater opportunities and advance. Maxim offers several professional development programs to grow its in-house talent. While technical skill and creativity are prized at Maxim, personal character, drive and dedication are just as important and are articulated in the list of 13 Maxim Principles.

Benefits and Compensation at Maxim

Maxim places a high value on employees work-life balance and overall wellness, recognizing that employees that are happy are more productive. Maxim provides health and wellness screenings, sports teams, company social events, and access to local community events and services. Health and dental, matching 401(k) plans, long-term disability, life insurance, and flexible spending accounts are standard employee benefits as well as an employee equity ownership program.

Careers With Maxim

Maxim has facilities in over six countries and 11 states including California, Florida, Colorado, and Hawaii, to name just a few. Maxim currently has over 150 openings in engineering, IT, operations, marketing, and support.

Maxim has facilities worldwide and has over 20 international positions available in countries including Philippines, France, Ireland, Indonesia, Italy, and the UK.