The Martin Logan Motion Vision X Sound Bar Profiled

Martin Logan Motion Vision X Sound Bar With DTS Play-Fi
Image provided by Martin Logan

The Martin Logan Motion Vision Sound Bar is one of the best soundbars I have had the chance to review and use. It has been in Martin Logan's product line since mid-2012, but as with all home theater products, sooner or later (usually sooner these days), updates are in order.

As a result, Martin Logan has taken the lid off its next generation sound bar, the Motion Vision X.

The Foundation

Building on the foundation of the Motion Vision its core features still include:

Five channel audio decoding/processing, and Martin Logan's 3 Folded Motion Tweeters. These tweeters employ ridges, rather than traditional speaker cones to produce sound. The ridge structure does not have to physically move as much as a cone, so it can respond faster, thus reproducing more precise high-frequency sounds. The speakers used for the mid-range/bass are of a traditional cone design. Dual ports are provided on the rear of the soundbar for an additional low-frequency extension.

Additional speakers housed with the Motion Vision X cabinet include Four 4-inch fiber cone, extended throw drivers.

The Motion Vision X can output 100 watts of continuous power, with up to 200 watts peak (each speaker has its own dedicated amplifier for a total of seven amplifiers).

The frequency response of the entire system is stated as 43Hz to 23kHz + or - 3db.

Audio Decoding capability includes Dolby Digital and DTS Digital Surround

Additional Audio Processing includes Dolby Virtual Speaker

Physical connectivity includes 2 digital optical, 1 digital coaxial, 1 analog stereo (RCA) inputs.

The Motion Vision X also includes a Subwoofer preamp output for connection to any powered subwoofer, as well as a built-in wireless transmitter that can be used with compatible Martin Logan wireless-enabled subwoofers, such as the Dynamo 700w (Official Product Page - Available on Amazon and Dynamo 1000w Official Product Page - Available on Amazon

What's New In The Motion Vision X

However, in addition to its original core features, several new capabilities have been added including:

First, there is a modest exterior design change in which a brushed aluminum accent was added to the onboard control panel.

However, the major addition is the incorporation of DTS-Play Fi capability.

DTS Play-Fi enables the Motion Vision X to stream audio throughout the house, over a Wifi network (an Ethernet/LAN connection option is also provided), to compatible Play-Fi enabled wireless power speakers.

DTS Play-Fi, in contrast to Sonos and Yamaha MusicCast, is a more open system, in that Play-Fi products, are available from several manufacturers, including Definitive Technology, Paradigm, Phorus, Polk Audio, and Wren Sound Systems.

Also, some of the streaming services available include Tidal, Spotify, Songza, and Pandora, with more to come...

More Info

The decision by Martin Logan to combine the excellent audio quality of the Motion Vision Sound Bar concept with the DTS Play-Fi infrastructure definitely provides more movie and music listening flexibility and is definitely worth checking out.

The suggested price for the Martin Logan Motion Vision X is $1,699.95 - Buy From Amazon

Also, as a further reference on core features of the Motion Vision X, also check out my previous Review and Photos of the original Martin Logan Motion Vision Sound Bar, as well as my review and photos of the Martin Logan 700w Wireless Subwoofer.