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Mark Prigg Lifewire

VP, Commerce


University of the Arts, London


Mark Prigg is an experienced Science and Technology Editor who has spent 25 years explaining technology to readers at some of the world’s biggest newspapers and magazines.

Mark is a VP of Commerce at Dotdash Meredith and oversees all of Lifewire’s reviews and roundups.


  • Mark has run science and technology coverage for newspapers including The Daily Mail, The London Evening Standard and The Sunday Times.
  • He has also written about technology for a vast range of publications from Wired and Pocket Lint to the Daily Telegraph and Business Traveller magazine as a freelance living in London, San Francisco’s and New York.
  • Mark has interviewed everyone from Bill Gates, Marc Andreesson and Jony Ive to the iconic ‘scarf guy’ from Apple’s 2014 iPhone launch.


Mark has spent 25 years explaining technology to ordinary people in some of the world’s biggest newspapers and magazines. He led technology coverage at British newspapers including the Daily Mail, London Evening Standard, and Sunday Times, and spent eight years in New York as’s Science and Technology Editor. He’s also worked in London, San Francisco, and New York as a freelance journalist, writing for everyone from Wired, The Daily Telegraph, and Pocket Lint to T3 and Stuff. He’s also appeared on TV and radio countless times as a technology expert. He’s also advised companies such as IBM and Mr. Cooper on their content strategy and advised almost all of his family members and close friends on how to use their phones and TVs.

Mark also loves playing around with both the Raspberry Pi and Arduino, and even worked with David Hockney to build an interactive picture frame to display the artist’s first iPad paintings, which still sits in the Daily Mail Editor’s office in London.

My Gear

My daily machine is an M1 MacBook Pro, and I’m firmly in the Apple ecosystem for most of my devices. I do also have a soft spot for Google’s Pixel, and use one as my second phone. I also have a Windows 11 ASUS gaming rig I use to drive an Oculus Rift and Logitech G920 wheel - I’m a big fan of iRacing as I’ve discovered it’s much cheaper than crashing my beloved Miata in real life. I’ve also got an Xbox Series X, and am a fan of (unsurprisingly) racing games. The gadget that's probably given me the most enjoyment is my Naim Uniti Atom streaming hi-fi, paired with the Qobuz lossless streaming service. I've got a worryingly large collection of Raspberry Pi and Arduino boards which I use for everything from a retro games console setup to dozens of fledgling home automation projects I never quite seem to get round to finishing.


Mark graduated from the University of the Arts in London with a B.A(Hons) in Journalism.

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