How to Mark All Messages as Read Quickly in Mozilla Thunderbird

Use your keyboard to mark them fast

If you like to keep your Mozilla Thunderbird Inbox or other folders sorted by what you have read or haven't read, at times, you might want to mark all of them as read. Luckily, there is a speedy way to do this.

Mark All Messages Read Quickly in Mozilla Thunderbird

To mark all messages read in a Mozilla Thunderbird folder quickly:

  1. Select the folder or on any message in the folder.

    Unread emails in Mozilla Thunderbird
  2. Press Shift-C.

    For earlier versions, such as Mozilla Thunderbird 2 and earlier or Netscape 3 and earlier use Ctrl-Shift-C.

  3. Alternatively, select all of the emails, right-click, and choose Mark > as Read.

    Mark as Read in Thunderbird

This trick can be especially handy if you have many messages in a folder and you haven't had time to read them, but you don't want to delete them or archive them to a different folder. By marking all of them as read, you will be able to sort and prioritize the incoming messages you haven't read.

Marking as Read by Date in Mozilla Thunderbird

You can also select a date range of messages to mark as read.

  1. Select any message in the folder.

  2. Right-click and select Mark Alternatively, you can select Message from the top menu and select Mark.

  3. Select Mark Read by Date.

  4. Enter the range of dates for messages to mark as read.

Mark Thread as Read in Mozilla Thunderbird

You can also quickly mark a message thread as read.

  1. Select a message in the thread.

  2. Right-click and select Mark, or select Mark from the Message menu at the top.

  3. Select Mark Thread as Read.

Sorting Messages Read/Unread in Mozilla Thunderbird

When you open a message to read it in Mozilla Thunderbird, the message subject, date, and other data change from bold to regular font. But also, the green ball in the Sort by Read column changes to a gray dot.

You can sort your messages in a folder by clicking on the eyeglass icon at the top of the Sort by Read column. Clicking the first time places the unread messages at the bottom of the list, with the newest at the very bottom. Click again, and the unread messages go to the top of the list, with the oldest at the top.

Restoring Messages to Unread

If you want to return messages to unread, you can select the gray ball next to the message in the list to change it to green - unread.

To change a range of messages to unread, highlight the range and then right-click, select Mark and As Unread. You can also use the top Message menu, choose Mark > As Unread.

You have many options for quickly marking folders and ranges of messages as read and unread. You never need to do it one at a time again to keep your folders organized.