How to Mark a Message Unread in Yahoo! Mail

Mark emails read or unread

You can easily mark emails as read manually in Yahoo! Mail. However, if you read an email message in your inbox but it still appears unread, changing a setting will make changes automatically.

Why Won't Yahoo Mark as Unread?

If you read email messages, but they still appear unread, changing a setting might be a quick and straightforward solution.

  1. Log in to your Yahoo! Mail account.

  2. Select Settings (the gear icon).

  3. Select More Settings.

    An inbox in Yahoo Mail with the Settings and More Settings buttons highlighted
  4. Select Viewing Email.

    Yahoo Mail settings with the Viewing Email heading highlighted
  5. Select an option in the Mark as read interval section. The options are:

    • Immediately
    • After 2 seconds
    • After 5 seconds
    • Never

    If you select Never, emails remain marked as unread even after you have read them.

    Yahoo Mail settings with the Mark as read interval options highlighted
  6. Return to the inbox.

How to Mark a Message Unread in Yahoo! Mail

If a message is marked as read, but you want it to appear as unread, change it manually. There are two ways to do so.

  1. Right-click the email message you want to mark unread and select Mark as Unread.

    Yahoo Mail inbox with the Mark as Unread option highlighted
  2. Select the check box next to the message, select More, then choose Mark as Unread.

  3. To mark multiple email messages as unread, select the Select Message drop-down arrow, choose All, then mark the email messages as unread.

  4. Alternatively, use either method to mark an unread message as read.

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