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Mark Knapp

Mark Knapp is a tech journalist bringing you no shortage of tech guides, deep-dive explanations of the latest tech, news, and comparative pieces. His content aims educate both those well versed in technology and those entirely new to a subject.


Mark has been in tech journalism since early in the decade, carving out an early niche for himself working Apple beat at The Wall St Cheat Sheet. He eventually became the senior editor in charge of The Cheat Sheet's Entertainment and Technology channels, leading coverage of all the latest in film, TV, streaming content, smartphones, tablets, computers, video games, and more.

Following the close of The Cheat Sheet's dedicated Technology section, Mark became a regular contributor for TechRadar. There, he frequently applies his inner-geek, leaving no stones left unturned when it comes to exploring a tech subject. He's covered topics from broad technologies like computers and smartphones to niche categories like VR and self-driving cars.

His witty comments about tech are mostly reserved for Twitter.


BA from University of Michigan

Mark Thomas Knapp


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