margu-NotebookInfo2 Gadget

A Full Review of the margu-NotebookInfo2 Windows Gadget

The margu-NotebookInfo2 gadget is an excellent multifunction system monitor gadget for Windows 7 and Windows Vista. This gadget can track CPU and memory use, wireless network strength, battery performance, and much more.

Either a lot or very little thought went in to naming this gadget—margu-NotebookInfo2 certainly doesn't roll off the tongue.

The strange name aside, the margu-NotebookInfo2 Windows gadget is an excellent one. You can monitor several aspects of your Windows PC in one place through this highly configurable gadget.

margu-NotebookInfo2 Gadget in Windows 7
What We Like
  • Displays CPU usage for up to 2 cores.

  • Contains several system monitoring options.

  • Many configurations options are available.

What We Don't Like
  • Has some issues running on Windows 7.

The margu-NotebookInfo2 gadget works with both the Windows 7 and Windows Vista operating system. Since the gadget is downloaded through a ZIP archive, you'll have to first open the archive before finding the margu-NotebookInfo2.gadget file.

More Information on the margu-NotebookInfo2 Gadget

Here are some additional details about this free Windows gadget:

  • The margu-NotebookInfo2 gadget monitors CPU and RAM usage
  • Clicking on the various displays bring up additional information
  • The CPU info includes the manufacturer, name, family, description, maximum clock speed, current clock speed, cache size and speed, and more
  • Some of the info you can find in the memory section of this Windows gadget is the total memory being used right now, the total virtual memory, and total free space left in the paging file
  • You can toggle the various modules on and off to show/hide the clock, calendar, CPU, network, battery, system uptime, hard disk, RAM/CPU usage, and PowerPlans modules, as well adjust the layout to arrange the modules however you like
  • Up to 2 CPU cores can be monitored simultaneously
  • Several configurations exist for monitors in margu-NotebookInfo2
  • Selecting the power plan module opens the Power Options applet in Control Panel so you can adjust the power plan, but you can also instantly change the power plan from right within the gadget
  • You can quickly open Windows Explorer through the gadget by selecting the hard drive section. This module also shows the percentage of used disk space so you can just glance over to see how much hard drive space is remaining
  • The current time is also displayed in this gadget, and it includes a fun digital animation for the seconds that pass by

Thoughts On the margu-NotebookInfo2 Gadget

The margu-NotebookInfo2 Windows gadget has a funny name but I think it groups many different system monitors in an attractive way. You could probably replace many of your existing system monitoring gadgets with margu-NotebookInfo2.

Probably the best thing about margu-NotebookInfo2 is the large number of monitoring options. You really could leave all system monitoring up to this one gadget and likely not miss much. I also like the choice of font and clean design of the gadget.

My biggest issue with margu-NotebookInfo2 is that I had a problem getting it to work in Windows 7 (as of v2.3.3 of the gadget). I finally did after accepting some script errors, but that's something that should definitely be cleaned up by the developer.

Margu-NotebookInfo2 is a very good multifunction Windows 7 or Windows Vista gadget. If you're after an all-in-one Windows gadget, give this one a try.

You can download the margu-NotebookInfo2 gadget for free from Softpedia using the download link above. See How to Install a Windows Gadget if you need help.