Marantz Intros AV8802 AV Preamp/Processor for 2015

Marantz AV8802 AV Preamp/Processor - Front/Rear Views. Image Provided by D&M Holdings

Marantz has announced a new Flagship AV Preamp/Processor for 2015, the AV8802, which provides complete audio/video switching/processing and control for advanced home theater setups.

For those not familiar with what an AV Preamp/Processor is, here is a short explanation.

In some ways, an AV Preamp/Processor is similar to a Home Theater Receiver. In this case of the AV8802, it incorporates the source inputs, audio/video switching, speaker channel assignment, audio decoding and processing, video processing, and internet streaming functions that you find on a home theater receiver.

However, unlike a home theater receiver, and AV Preamp/Processor, like the AV8802, does not provide any internal amplification to power speakers. In other words, you need to purchase an additional power amplifier(s) in order to make full use of an AV Preamp/Processor in a home theater setup.

Here is some of what you get with the Marantz AV8802:

Audio Decoding and Processing

- Dolby: Atmos (assignable for up to 7.1.4 channel configuration), Dolby Surround Upmixer (provides Dolby Atmos-like soundfield for non-Atmos encoded content), Digital Plus, TrueHD.

- Audyssey: DSX.

Video Processing

- Up to 1080p and 4K upscaling.

Connectivity - Inputs

- 8 HDMI (7 rear/1 front - HDMI ver 2.0 - 4K 50/60Hz, 3D, Audio Return Channel, and Deep Color compatible. The HDMI inputs are also HDCP 2.2 Upradable.

- 3 sets of Component video inputs.

- 5 Composite video inputs

- 2 digital coaxial and 2 digital optical audio inputs.

- 7 pairs of analog audio inputs (includes one set front mounted analog audio inputs associated with front composite video input).

- 1 set of 5.1/7/1 multi-channel audio inputs.

- 1 Phono input (Moving Magnet)

- 2 USB ports (front and rear) for accessing compatible digital media files on flash drives or other compatible USB-connectable devices.

Connectivity - Outputs

- 3 HDMI out (2 parallel and 1 independent 2nd Zone).

- 2 sets of component video outputs (one monitor/one Zone 2).

- 2 composite video outputs (one monitor/one Zone 2).

- 13.2ch preamp outputs (13.2ch XLR, 13.2ch RCA) .

- Analog-only Zone 2 and Zone 3 audio preamp outputs.

Setup Features

- Setup Assistant and Advanced GUI.

- 4 Preset Soundfield Listening Options.

Internet/Network Features

- Access to Spotify Connect, Pandora, Sirius/XM, Flickr, Internet Radio support.

- Digital Media File compatiblity and HD Audio Streaming: MP3, WAV, AAC, WMA, AIFF, FLAC 192/24, DSD, ALAC.

Control Options

- Provided IR remote control

- Marantz Remote App for iOS and Android devices.

- Custom control integration via RS232 interface (Control4 Compatible).

As you can see, the Marantz AV8802 is definitely targeted to those looking for a high-end centerpiece for home theater connectivity, audio and video processing, and internet/network streaming access.

Suggested Price: $3,999 (Available Beginning in February of 2015)

For more details (there are a lot more!), the Official U.S. Marantz AV8802 Product Page will be up soon, but in the meantime, check out the Official U.K. Marantz AV8802 Product Page.

Now all you have to do is supply the external amplifier(s) - If you already have one or more lying around those may work (if you want to take advantage of channel output capability of the AV8802, you will need a total of 13 amplified channels, plus two powered subwoofer). However, if you currently only have a 2 or 5-channel power amplifier, check out some additional choices from Marantz: MM8077, MM7055, and MM7025.

Also, if the AV8802 Preamp/Processor is a little out your budget, also check out the previously announced Marantz AV7702, which has most of the core features of the AV8802 (including built-in Dolby Atmos and Auro3D Audio upgradability, but has slightly less connectivity options...Read more.