How to Use MapQuest to Print Driving Directions

Get printable driving directions for offline use

Printable driving directions from MapQuest is one of the best ways to ensure that you'll know where you're going, even if your phone or tablet becomes unreliable.

Using printed map directions is a smart idea because you don't always know for sure if your smartphone will have a good wireless signal. The last thing you want is to be stranded somewhere with no way to communicate and no idea which direction you should be going.

When you print directions from point A to point B, you're given every single turn that you have to make, the name of each road, the distance between each turn, helpful tips if you want them, and even a map overview of your entire trip.

There are several free GPS apps that can provide turn-by-turn directions for your trips.

How to Print MapQuest Directions

  1. From the MapQuest website, select the green directions button.

    MapQuest home page
  2. Enter the starting address in the text box called Where are you starting?, and the destination in Where are you going?.

    MapQuest driving directions from VT to FL

    If you're not starting at your current location but MapQuest is suggesting so, select the x to erase it and type the address manually. Alternatively, if you do want to start the trip where you are now, select the text box and then pick Choose Current Location.

  3. Optionally add other stops with the Add Stop button. You can use the buttons to the right of each destination to reorder them.

    Also notice Route Settings, which is where you can get driving directions with or without tolls, highways, ferries, seasonal roads, time restrictions, IRS reimbursement for fuel, and/or country borders.

  4. Choose a route, if multiple possible routes show up on the map.

    You can also modify the route yourself by zooming up and dragging any point of the highlighted map to a different road. It will auto-snap to an actual road, so you can be confident that whatever you drag the line to will be an actual drivable road (versus a sidewalk, land, etc.).

    As you select different routes, MapQuest provides an estimated gas calculator and mileage information.

  5. Use the View Route Directions button to create the list of directions, and then choose Print to get them in a print-ready format.

    MapQuest driving directions written out

    There's also a Share button lets you send the directions via a special URL. There are also quick-access buttons for sharing the MapQuest directions through email, text, Facebook, or Twitter.

    Before continuing, scroll down to make sure the directions appear accurate (that the start location and any destinations are correct) and to see the total time it should take you to reach every destination.

  6. Select Print once more, or take a minute to adjust these settings:

    MapQuest driving directions print page
    • You can choose between Directions & Map and Directions List Only. The former will include a map overview at the very bottom of the page.
    • Before you print the map directions, you can also include or exclude helpful hints, such as "If you are on W 14th St and reach US-81 N you've gone a little too far."
    • The text size can be adjusted here, too.
  7. Use your browser's print function to print the MapQuest driving directions.

    MapQuest driving and turn-by-turn directions printout in Chrome

Other Ways to Use MapQuest

There are also other MapQuest items you can print off for your trip:

  • MapQuest Airport Information: Shows airport addresses, open hours, nearby hotels, photos, and reviews.
  • MapQuest Gas Prices: Need to fill up? Check gas prices in your area or along your route before you leave. Results include the business name, phone number, address, and time that the gas price was last updated.
  • MapQuest Route Planner: Create dozens of stops along your trip by typing them into the text boxes, pasting the list of addresses, or importing a CSV or XLS file. MapQuest will optimize your route so you spend less time driving.