Map (Recovery Console)

How to use the map command in the Windows XP recovery console

The map command is a Recovery Console command used to display all drive letters, partition sizes, file system types, and relationships to actual physical hard drives on your computer.

Map Command Syntax

map [arc]

arc = This option instructs the map command to show drive path information in the ARC format.

Map Command Examples


In the above example, typing the map command will display a list of all drive partitions and corresponding drive letters, file systems, and physical locations.

The output might look like this:

C: NTFS 120254MB \Device\Harddisk0\Partition1
D: \Device\CdRom0

As you can see, we now know the physical location of a hard drive and an optical drive.

map arc

Typing the map command with the arc option as shown here will display a list similar to the first one, but the partition locations will instead be shown in the ARC format.

The information for the C: drive might look like this:

C: NTFS 120254MB multi(0)disk(0)rdisk(0)partition(1)

Map Command Availability

The map command is only available from within the Recovery Console in Windows 2000 and Windows XP.

Map Related Commands

The map command is often used with many other Recovery Console commands, including the fixmbr command and the fixboot command.