Managing Your TWC DVR From Anywhere

The TWC TV App Lets You Take Control of Your TV Experience

Scheduling a series to record is one of the more fleshed out parts of the app. Click here for a full image gallery of the application.
Adam Thursby

Many of Time Warner Cable's TV packages include a DVR. It is a nice upgrade if you lead a busy life and enjoy watching certain shows and movies on your schedule. Technology is constantly advancing and while TWC was once a bit behind on the DVR and remote viewing end of things, they have made tremendous improvements.

Included in the DVR cable packages from TWC is the ability to not only record your favorite shows on the DVR itself but to also manage it from mobile devices. That's right, next time your friends are talking about a great new show, you don't have to try to remember to program it when you get home. You can just get on the app and schedule it right away (and before you forget).

Your Options for Recording and Watching TV With TWC

Cable television providers realize that the market is even more competitive than it was in the past thanks to the rise of the internet, or streaming, TV options. This is great news for consumers because the competition forces a company like TWC to offer bigger and better services.

TWC offers a few options for DVR boxes and they vary based on how many TVs you have in the home and how many shows you want to be able to record at once.

In addition, all of the DVR packages include access to streaming live TV shows and On Demand. The great news is that this also means that you can stream on many different devices. So the kids can be streaming on their tablets, while someone else controls the TV in the living room and another person watches a game or movie on their laptop or desktop computer.

Streaming is done with the TWC TV app, which is available for a variety of devices. The list includes:

  • The latest iOS and Android phones and tablets
  • Mac and PC computers (via
  • Roku
  • Kindle Fire and HDX
  • Samsung Smart TV
  • Xbox One and 360

Of course, additional devices may be added at any time, be sure to check with TWC if you don't see your device.

It should also be noted that TWC has a second app available that allows you to control your cable subscription. This one is called My TWC and it allows you to manage your billing, get support and schedule appointments, upgrade or downgrade services, and other 'business' tasks associated with your cable account.

What Can You Do With the TWC TV App?

When you download the TWC TV app, you will find many of the same controls available that you find on your remote control. It is extremely convenient and a perfect way to manage your TV watching experience, even on your busiest days.

You will need to register for a TWC ID as it is not set up automatically with your cable subscription. Signing up is as easy as verifying that you're a customer and choosing a username and password on

Once you have a TWC ID, you can download the app on your favorite devices and sign in to access the controls.

The TWC TV app allows you to do any of the following, no matter where you are:

  • Change the channel (perfect for those days when the remote goes missing)
  • Access parental controls
  • Schedule recordings on your DVR
  • Add channels to your Favorites list
  • Browse program schedules
  • Live stream TV
  • Watch On Demand programming from your favorite networks

Two Tips for Streaming TV

You can also use your TWC ID to access TV Everywhere channels associated with your cable subscription. The TV Everywhere service and app has become the industry standard for on demand and streaming programs from the big cable channels and it is used by many cable providers.

Don't forget that streaming TV may use data from your cell phone plan. You can avoid this by connecting your mobile device to Wi-Fi networks, though you should make sure that these are trusted and secure. When streaming at home, set your device to automatically connect to your home network to avoid using data.

A New Era of TV Watching

There are many things to love about this new way of watching TV. All of the options that companies like TWC offer are designed to allow you to get more out of your cable subscription whether you're at home or not.

The ease of access to your favorite programs on your schedule is the biggest perk. You are already paying for cable, so it only makes sense to take advantage of these On Demand and streaming options.

The ability to record the big game on your DVR when you're held up at work or set up a series recording the moment you hear about it are worth the few minutes that it takes to set up the service. It gives you more value for your cable subscription and it should only get better as technology advances. 

There is a slight learning curve to managing all of these options, but in the end, it is just as easy as using any other app. Once you get used to it, it becomes second nature, just like changing the channel on your remote.