iPad Usage: Where Did All My Storage Space Go?

Let's track down the space hogs

Are you feeling the storage space crunch? It is becoming increasingly easy to use up most of the storage space of even 32 GB and 64 GB iPad models, and sometimes impossible not to use up most of the space if you have a 16 GB model. Where does all the storage space go? As iPad apps become more sophisticated, they also become larger. And with the better cameras, we are taking more photos and videos and those images are taking up more and more space.

And while deleting a few apps or a game that you never play anymore can be a quick fix, the time will come to do a deep cleaning.

But where to start?

The iPad is capable of telling you what is taking up all of your storage in the usage section of the iPad's settings. This will let you see which apps are the biggest storage hogs, how much space is used in the Photos section, how much space your music takes up and how much is being used for video. This allows you to find out if carrying around your entire music collection is the culprit or if it's keeping the entire Infinity Blade series that is taking up too much of your storage space.

How to View What Is Taking Up Storage On Your iPad:

  1. Go into your iPad's settings by launching the Settings app. (Find out how...)
  2. Choose "General" from the left-side menu.
  3. Scroll down until you locate "Storage & iCloud Usage". It is just under the Accessibility settings.
  1. The "Storage" section refers to local storage such as apps, photos, music and video. Tap "Manage Storage" in the top storage section.
  2. It may take a few seconds for the iPad to calculate and categorize your storage.
  3. You can delete specific apps from this screen by tapping them to view storage details and tapping the "Delete App" button on the details screen.
  1. You can also delete all of your music from this screen, but you cannot delete individual songs. So if you just want to weed out the rarely-played artists and songs, you'll want to do so in the Music app.

Tips on Freeing Up Storage Space

One easy way to free up some storage space is to install a cloud storage service like Dropbox or Google Drive and move some of your photographs or home videos to the cloud drive. This will let you stream the videos when you want to watch them without taking up space on your iPad.

You can also stream music and movies you've purchased on iTunes from your desktop or laptop PC using home sharing. You will need to enable home sharing on your home PC for this to work.