How to Manage Your YouTube Account Settings

Tips to easily manage your YouTube account

After you sign up for your Youtube account you can begin to manage your Youtube account settings. These Youtube account settings include customizing your viewing experience and changing privacy settings to control how much information other people can see about your Youtube account.

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Overview of Your Youtube Account

Youtube Account Overview.

The overview of your Youtube account provides all kinds of information about your activity on Youtube. This Youtube account overview includes links to manage your videos, edit your video channel, connect with your Youtube network and more.

The Youtube account overview is sort of like a dashboard that you can use to manage your Youtube use. Get familiar with the menus and what can be changed within each menu. There's a lot to cover, so take some time to familiarize yourself.

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Adjust Your Youtube Account Profile

Youtube Account Profile.

Your Youtube account profile contains personal information such as your profile picture, name, age, company, interests and more. By filling in these details of your Youtube account, you'll let other Youtube users know more about who you are.

You also have the option of leaving the profile details of your Youtube account blank if you don't want others to know that information.

Consider using a screen name or keeping truly personal information offline. YouTube is a pretty big target for those looking to steal identities, so always be cognizant of that potential and protect yourself.

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Change Your Youtube Account Playback Setup

This option is most useful to Youtube account holders with slower internet connections. You can change the settings to control whether or not you can watch high-quality videos with your Youtube account.

Even if you're in a place with excellent internet service, your viewers might be from places on the planet with slow or compromised service.

You can also choose whether or not to view captions or annotations with your YouTube videos.

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Youtube Account Email Options

Youtube Account Email Options.

The Youtube account email options form is where you can change your email address on file with Youtube. You can also control how often and under what circumstances Youtube can communicate with you.

This is worth spending some time on, as you may want to know whenever somebody comments on one of your videos, or when a video uploading is ready to be viewed.

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Youtube Account Privacy Settings

Youtube Account Privacy Settings.

The information in your YouTube account can be controlled through privacy settings. You can make it easy or difficult for others to find your YouTube account, as well as control whether your YouTube account activity is visible to others, and what kind of advertisements YouTube will put in the videos you're watching.

Think about securing your personal information, with a thoughtful approach to these settings.

Look for new monetization options - there might be an opportunity to turn your content into a gold mine!

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Share Activity From Your YouTube Account

You can connect your YouTube account with other social media sites like Facebook and Twitter, so your friends and followers are automatically updated when you upload or favorite a video.

If your goal is to build a brand, this is an excellent way to do it. Be sure to keep all of your social sites on brand and message. You wouldn't want to share a cooking video if your Facebook page is dedicated to your love of cats and roller coasters.

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Youtube Account Mobile Setup

Set up your Youtube account so that it works with your phone. Youtube account mobile setup gives you a personalized address that lets you upload videos directly from your phone to your YouTube account.

With the social tie-ins you set up in the last step, you're now a walking, talking mobile video producer. Creating a video on the go and being able to share it with your audience without waiting to get back to a computer can be hugely valuable.

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Manage Your Youtube Account

Manage Your Youtube Account.

This is where you can see your status of your account, change the password, or even delete your Youtube account forever.

Think hard before you do that, however, as the world might still need to hear your story.