How to Manage Search Engines in the Opera Web Browser

Swap search providers or add new ones through Opera's browser settings

Google search engine on a computer screen

Oleksiy Maksymenko / Getty Images

Similar to other major browsers, Opera supports web searches from the address bar. Whatever terms you type into the bar then feed into the search engine of your choice. By default, Opera relies on Google, but you can change it to any of six installed search providers — or create your own.

How to Change Opera's Default Search Engine

Opera settings window

Use the Settings shortcut by typing opera://settings into the browser's address bar. Scroll down to the search engine section then use the drop-down to select from among Google (default), Amazon, Bing, DuckDuckGo, Wikipedia, and Yahoo.

About Adding New Search Engines

Opera add-search-engine utility

The button labeled Manage search engines within Opera's settings window also supports the addition of up to 50 new, customized search engines to Opera. Click to tap the Add button to reveal a form to input the customized search tool's URL parameters:

  • Name (required): Enter the name of the search engine here. This can be any name that you desire and will be used to reference this search engine within the browser interface.
  • Keyword (optional): Enter the desired keyword here. This is typically just a single letter or number.
  • URL with %s in place of query (required): The default search address for the desired site should be entered here. Use %s as a placeholder for where the query's search terms should appear within the query string sent to the search provider.
  • Use POST (optional): Accompanied by a checkbox, this setting should only be activated for search engines that use POST queries as opposed to GET.
  • Query string (optional): A search can be refined by specifying a query string. For example, allows the use of certain query strings to display its search results in different formats. It is recommended that only advanced users alter this value.

Select the Add button after you've finished configuring the new search engine.